Those bad days?

Does anyone know what to do when every single time you pitch the ball the other team gets these little bloop hits? Like this happened to me the other day i was pitching, I was hitting the corners and when I threw an offspeed they would just reach out and pop it out of the infield, any advice?

Not much you can do, even when you make a great pitch a batter can just stick his bat out there and the ball could just bleed through the infield. Could have just not have been your day, if you are making great pitches than more often than not the batter won’t be able to do anything with them.

or they got your routine , also possible.

dont be predictable

Do Mike marshall’s sequence, no sequence. In ball four he said that, how could the batter know what pitch is coming if even he didnt?

I would say the only thing you can do is keep pitching your game. Sometimes you can do all the right things and some how the ball keeps finding holes, or even in some cases, they’re just hitting you, it happens to everyone. All you can do is throw your pitches and hit your spots, if you get hit doing that, don’t worry about it, the other team got lucky this particular day, but more times than not if you do everything right, they won’t be so lucky.

keep it down in the zone and dont be pridictable with your location and speed change it up a little

maybe its the fact that your giving them an offspeed pitch

If your blowing your fastball by them then you could be doing them a favour by throwing an off speed pitch

just an idea