This Summer

Hey Mike, and everyone else. First off, I just want to say I’m 15. I was just wondering if it is possible that you could give me a top notch, complete and legit baseball conditioning program so I can do it for this summer. I would start something now, but I have to pay attention to school. If its possible could you spread it out into days, for example:

Day 1: Back/Bicep
Day 2: Quads/Hips/Calves
Day 3: Chest/Triceps
Day 4: Hamstrings/Shoulders

(This is an example of how I want you to split up the program into days.)

Also, along with the need of the program getting organized into days, I’m going to need the actual excercises lol. Please, I really need a workout to get into shape so I can be top notch for baseball tryouts next year. Also, my goal is to increase power in my swing, and I really want to gain 5-10 mph on my fastball. This is sort of what I had planned:

Monday- Weightlifting (excercises to be determined)
Tuesday- Sprints and flexibility training (excercises to be determined)
Wednesday- Weightlifting (excercises to be determined)
Thursday- Either Baseball practice or Sprints and flexibility training
Friday- Weightlifting (excercises to be determined)
Saturday- Either Baseball Practice or Sprints and flexibility training
Sunday- Weightlifting (excercises to be determined)

Also, on weightlifting days, I’m going to be riding my bike 5 miles to get to the gym, would that be bad or good? I did talk to my coach today about whether I should play baseball or do this program, and he said I should play baseball in the summer league. I’m just confused right now, so could you also give me your opinion on whether I should play baseball or do this program. But don’t forget, I still want the excercises and your idea on how I should organize this conditioning program into days, so I can do it after baseball if I make the team, or I can do it if I don’t make the team. Your help is much appreciated. If there is any confusion on what I said, feel free to ask. Thank you. -Robbie

No offense, but if you’re season is going on at the time, I would switch to fullbody twice a week. Mike has mentioned this in other threads. And if you’re brand new to lifting, which you may or may not be, starting a split routine during the season is dangerous. You could injure your self. Also, there’s no need to focus on different leg parts on different days. But, if you’re not going to play baseball, which I think you should since you’re still young and could maybe use the experience, then yeah, you’re program doesn’t seem too bad. But don’t separate the leg workouts like that, there’s no point. I would still wait another year before getting real serious about weightlifting. But, if you do, make sure you use correct form. On back day do deadlifts, about 3-4 days after words, do squats. This should work your legs pretty hard. I would do something like this:

Mondays: Back/bi/rotator cuff/abs
Tuesday: off
Wed: Chest/tri/shoulders/rotator cuff/abs
Thursday: off
Friday: Legs/rotator cuff/abs
Saturday: off
Sunday: off

Don’t do too much on leg day, it’ll kill you during your workout-as far as cardio goes. If you want to do some sprinting drills, do them on your workout days, before lifting.

Just check out

They have a lot of workout programs on there for free…

I would workout 3 days a week since you’re still young, and probably new to lifting. And I would first do full body workouts, too. And start off at high reps. You’re still young, go and play baseball!

And if you do throw, throw on the days you’re lifting, and throw before lifting! I highly recommend you play baseball this season! Right now, you have more of bodybuilders routine. Personally, I like split routines, but it won’t farewell when the season starts.

mike what do you think?

I didn’t read your entire post, but i read the beginning and i read lbarber4’s response and i disagree with lbarber4

I like splitting up the quads and the hamstrings ESPECIALLY if your only lifting weights once a week per body part, simply because you can push yourself harder when your focusing on one of the muscle groups instead of both

Say on monday a quad day you start out with Squats, then you do Leg Extensions, and some plyo’s…your still gonna be working your hamstrings to an extent, your hip flexors, your entire lower body with an exercise like the squat…but you’ll be pushing to get the most out of your quads

and then say thursday is your hamstring day…you wanna do stiff legged deadlifts, ham curls, and bb good mornings…your still gonna be working your entire lower body that day but your focus is mainly on the hamstrings

I’ve divided my routine up like that before and had good success

Right now I will lift Legs monday, back wednesday, and legs again friday…and i say i’m combining hams/quads but still on monday i will focus more on burning out my quads, then friday i will put more attention on my hamstrings

I don’t agree with splitting your legs up. You are training to be a baseball player, not a model or bodybuilder. Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes all work together in when you play baseball. You need to be doing ground based free weight exercises. You should be doing exercises like squats and lunges, not leg extensions or leg curls. I occasionally have people do extensions and curls in the beginning of the offseason but during the season you should eliminate almost all of your single joint isolation exercises. One exception I can think of would be shoulder raises.

If you want the actual exercises written out for you, you should check out the strength training program I have on my website. Its a year round strength program designed specifically for the high school baseball player.

Basically, if you’re going to make your own routine up, or get one from mike,

Do not neglect these exercises: Squats-barbell, Deadlifts, barbell bent over rows-there’s other exercises, but I get a great burn from this one. Reasoning for why I said you shouldn’t split up your legs like that is if you’re doing deadlifts on back day, there’s no reason to add another leg day during the week. Deadlifts pretty much work the entire body, maybe even more so then squats-atleast from my understanding. Basically, stick to a routine which gives you more rest days. If you’re an experienced lifter, you might be able to handle the load, but seeing that you’re only 15, and we don’t know how long you’ve been lifting, or if you’ve lifted at all. You’ll likely be overtraining, which is not what you want to be doing. Not unless you vary the intensity of each workout, then you might be able to avoid it. If you plan on playing baseball, get in contact with mike, he’ll be able to help you out and set you up with a plan.

Also, when I say add another leg day, meaning if you do deads on back day, you only need one more leg day during the week. Squats/lunges, etc on that other day.

hey thanks guys, and mike, im going to take strong consideration into getting that high school baseball player workout.

There is no point in having two days of leg workouts. First off if your workout is intense you shouldnt need to hit ur legs more than once a week. Overtraining is the biggest mistake people make and doing all the cardio your gonna do during the week would make it very tough not to overtrain. Just stick to lifting 3 days a week keep the workouts intense and keep them under an hour long. I play college baseball and my offseason routine looks something like this…

Mon- chest and tris
Tues- 30 mins jog and 10 60 yd sprints
Wen- back and bis
thur- 30 mins of swimming laps
fri- kill those legs SQUAT SQUAT SQUAT!! Its the most important thing to do.
sat and sun- Take off if u work hard enough during the week u wont even wanna think about weights. Maybe do some light cardio on Sun

Make sure your throwing but i really prefer to throw after i workout. It helps me loosen my muscles up.

If you eat right and get enough rest your strength will go through the roof but remember most of its in the mechanics perfect that and everything will fall into place.