This Summer...

Well, I have 4 games left on my High School Season, which is about 9 more days (I live in FL). But Summer Legion Baseball is right around the corner (Tryouts are at the end of May). I’ll probably make one of the teams (They have 3 teams), but I won’t be able to play this summer because I am visiting my friends up North in Massacusetts from around the end of June to early August.

But really, this is a good thing for me. I need the rest because this was my first ever high school season, so I’m starting to feel tired. Also, my goal for next year is to try and add 15-20 pounds of muscle and basically get in better pitching shape.

So my question to you is this. Since I can’t play any competitive baseball this summer, what should I do? Should I go on a throwing program? (Long Toss, Bullpens, Weighted Balls, etc.) Should I pay attention to lifting weights and running? Or should I do both?

Background Info

I turn 17 on June 13th
I currently weigh 173 pounds, and I am 5’9.

i think its a little rediculous to say youre gonna gain 20 lbs of muscle in a summer, but you should deffinetely throw as often as you can, if youre gonna have som1 to throw with try to get yourself on a long toss program it can really help your arm strength, always run becuase youre gonna need your legs under you to get stronger, and work out just not to the point where you cant throw. good luck

i ment to say 10-15, i went from 153-164 lbs. last summer, my bad lol. but thanks for the info.