This pitching aid: Yea or Nea?

Have you seen these “Bullpen Buddy” and “The Designated Hitter” pitching aids? They’re essentially inflatable dolls to place in the batters box so a pitcher can work on throwing inside – without worrying about pegging a “live” hitter.

Have you seen 'em? Do you use them? And is there a way to train throwing to the inside part of the plate without them?

Here’s where you can find them online:


i think its a great idea. Too many times i’ve seen kids throw fireball to the catcher but when there is a batter on the box they just cant do it.

I’d just stack up some buckets in the batters box and keep my money.

Thats actually not a bad idea Lefty, honestly i like the idea of these buddys. Before i warm up during games i have someone stand in the box so i can work on throwing inside, these thins would be great for the off season and or just bullpen sessions.

saw the NY Mets using the inflatable buddy during spring training. They had 6 of them set out. Looks like a great idea. I pitched in HS and College and not one hitter looked like buckets piled on top of each other. These looked very realistic.

i need one of those!!! :d