This one is just good..and it's true

Thank you JD. I just got back from playing 100 minutes of soccer. A sport I do not like. I have absolutly no skill whatsoever. I can just run, hit it with my head, push people over, kick it away from them (well i try to kick it). They call it a sport. There is no skill. I play all game. You have to be kidding me! [size=18]I played 100 frekaing minutes for a 1-1 TIE![/size]

You cheered me up.

You need a shower lad… :shock:
It’s sorta like skunk so you better use tomato juice to make sure you get the stink off of you :pullinghair: :goofball: :mrgreen:

Haha at least Steve used to play soccer. :lol: Tehe. I don’t like it though but hey it keeps me in shape. Which is always a good thing.

yeah, yeah. I played soccer. But in my defense, my dad’s a college soccer coach (and Athletic Dir) … so growing up, what was I supposed to do? I was always going to his games and kicking around with the oldr guys on his team. Soccer’s like religion in my fam – my younger sister and my wife all played college soccer.

But I still obviously love baseball best :slight_smile:

I agree baseball is best.

My baseball coach is my lunch room “teacher” and he was talking about getting the key back from the JV coach to get the catchers gear so I can catch and pitch me and another kid are rotating before my home soccer game giving me a good few hours of baseball. Well my coach leaves to go down the hall and I was still talking to him from a step outside the cafeteria I’m like yeah I’ll be able to throw before my game tomorrow. But stupid me my soccer coachs door was right in front of me and I forgot and of course he comes popping out of his room to talk to me about some things. His son plays baseball too so he doesn’t care what I do but good thing he doesn’t know I’m catching too.