This may be the wrong place, but it needs to be seen

Because I’m so unbelievably stoked I just made my D2 College team!

Also, the title is not meant to be arrogant, just excited, so apologies to anyone who takes it that way

Atta boy, rckdhouse!!!

I have a suggestion:

Call every single person that helped you get there. Thank them for the little things along the way that got you to where you are right now. Tell them exactly how you feel, just like you did here.

Thank your youth coaches, your family and friends that played catch with you, a teacher that believed in you — when you needed it the most, a high school coach(s) that helped you along, a private coach that spent some time with you, and so on.

Fact is, you made this by using just a little bit of help form a lot of people. It’s now time to let those people know just how important they are in your life.

Well done, son. Well done.

Coach B.

congrats man. like coach b. said. call all your coachs and tell them what happened.

dude congrats.

Now don’t forget that you can’t stop training you got to keep up the work and you will be unstoppable :slight_smile:

Good job.

Just a couple of questions:

What position do you play

If a pitcher how hard did you throw.


Congrats and good luck in D2!

thanks everyone, and Coach Baker, I have already been calling and emailing my coaches to let them know.

And to baseball kid, I am a pitcher (kind of why im on the letstalkpitching website haha, but still a valid question I guess as I could have been an outfielder too). I unfortunately do not know how hard I throw. My guess is Right around 80. I have a very good curveball too though. I should also let you know that my school is not one of the best d2 schools, has had a losing record for many years, but D2 college baseball anywhere I am convinced, especially after seeing some of these guys play, is still an accomplishment to make.

and if it wasn’t clear I was an Non-invited Walk on

Congratulations, rckdhouse. Great job.

Ataboy rckdhouse, make sure your mom is the first to know and then every little league and on coachs that worked with you including the ones that said you wouldn’t make it, especially them!!!

Buwhite, I had to let my mom know second, because my dad would have KILLED me if he wasn’t the first haha

But you know mothers never forget…need to keep that in mind next time, women will pull things out that we as men forget in a minute…congrats!!!

The very first college game that you pitch, ask the coach if you could use a brand new baseball. Then, your catcher will catch your very first pitch, in your college career, flip it to the dugout after he catches it, then a coach or player in the dugout will save it for you.

After the game, get the ball and sign it and date it. Put it in a plastic collector’s globe with a wooden base (or something like that.) Send that to your mom.

In baseball we have some very special things that shows love and respect for people that are very close to us. Moms are as close as it gets.

In baseball, a pitching coach or skipper will walk out to a mound during a game when you’re not doing so hot, reach out and take the ball from you, then call in another pitcher to take your place. In the game of life, a mother will walk out to the mound of life, place both arms on your shoulders, tell you how special you are and how your going to get through this. She’ll never take out of the game of life - but give you the strength and support you need to make it. So, your first college pitch should be silently said to yourself …" this is for you mom…"

Welcome to the life of baseball. We’re special people because we have special people that beleive in us.

Congrats son, you’ll do just fine.

Coach B.

thanks again coach b, I’ll make sure and do that

Man coach B. made me well up inside again!!! See some guys in baseball do have feelings.