This log will be a log about an australian ballplayers road to a dream

in australia, baseball is not the most known sport but my dream is to get to the majors and try and get baseball to become more known in baseball.

Depending on where you live, the Essendon Baseball Club in Victoria is a great organization and I highly recommend their programs. Here is some information:

Contact address:PO Box 329
Phone number: 03 5446 8239
Contact Email :

Depending on your age, here are the people to contact:
Senior Inquires: Julie Jones 0408 170 695
Junior Inquires: Kay Ferguson 0419337949
** Julie and Kay are super people and will be very helpful.

i live in sydney but thanks anyway

today is friday in australia so i have my game tomorrow
i threw a little bullpen today just to work on my stuff i threw 30 balls 22 strikes 8 balls also did some short throwing out to long toss
one thing with me is that i do practice a lot but i always stretch and warm-up before i throw i have never felt any bit of pain in my arm so hopefully i never do but i do alot of things to prolong my arm life

today is saturday in australia so i played my game we lost 14-6
on the pitching side i came in to close the game, i pitched 1 inning with 11 pitches 9 of them being strikes in which i got 2 strikeouts and 1 lineout. i usually do start but this time my coach gave another guy a go which, i was fine with that but i would’ve loved to win

today a team needed a player so i put my hand up to play. i couldnt pitch due to restrictions where i live but i did bat and field
i made 2 good running plays from center and nearly got a guy out at home
on the batting side i only played a half game because some of the people came that were meant to be away but i still got 1 at bat in which i hit a line drive up second base
we lost but i don’t know the score