This is what my coach said

hi i went to my teams night workouts on teusday night and i got on the mound. I threw fastballs and my coach then told me 2 throw a change up. So i told him i dont throw a change. i told him that i throw a fastball and a curve. I didnt mention the gyroball b/c it was my first time on the mound since may. He told me not 2 throw a curve and work on a change b/c we would b throwing alot of changeups this year. Do you think i should work on curves or change ups? i wanted 2 get 2 get my curve ball 2 become better and my coach said dont worry about curves. So now im confused what i should do. any suggestions? thanks in advance

change up hitters cant pick it up work on both ok.

If the curve is in pitches you throw, I’d do two things, first I would listen to my coach and work on learning a change of some sort. I say this for two reasons, !st and foremost, he’s your coach and if you want to play, you should do the things he thinks important for your entire team in order to win and stay healthy. 2nd a change has little arm impact when thrown right. So you aren’t being asked to hurt yourself, you are being asked to grow as a pitcher (Consider yourself a lucky guy because some kids don’t have that benefit), which makes it win win for you if you follow his wishes.
After I’ve shown that I am on board with his wishes and working towards a common goal, I’m still going to continue to work on the mechanics of my curve, just as part of my bullpen or side work. No particular need to completely forget about the pitch and he may allow you to show it a some future point.
I generally agree with him though, the change will allow you to work location and change of speeds with your fastball, so if you work hard and make a comittment you’ll be a much better, some would say much healthier (sp?) pitcher, with a very good group of pitches and dependant on none.
Smells like a great year for Mr. BDrogon04!!! :smiley:

JD’s advice is excellent. And the change-up is something you’ll need in your repertoire if you plan on advancing as a pitcher, so the sooner you learn one, the better.

your coach sounds like an idiot. I mean, you told him you don’t throw one and he tells you to throw one anyway.

Did he even offer you any instruction on how to throw one. Or did he just say, do it, learn it, throw it.

I would focus on developing a good change-up.

Sounds like your coach knows what he is doing. The changeup is a great pitch, but it is very difficult to learn to throw well if you rely on your curve. The best way to learn how to throw the change is to lay off the curve until you’ve got a good change. Throwing a curve is like riding a bike, you aren’t going to lose your ability to throw the curve. You won’t be as good of a pitcher until you really do learn how to throw the change well so work hard at it and don’t blow it by working on the curve instead.

Listen to your coach. You’re lucky to have a coach who knows what he’s doing.