This IS the Baseball Hall of Fame

This article appeared in the Plant City Courier and Tribune, Plant City, Florida. It’s about a little girl, Chelsea Baker (no relation) that did a great job on the field. The article was reported by Arron Oberlin.

So, with all the big names going into the Hall, and quesitons about should he … or maybe not because of this or that … here’s a little girl who all by herself did what we all look to for in honesty, straight forward hard work, and just playing this game of ours on the level.

[i]Chelsea Baker’s jersey is now at the shrine to America’s favorite pastime.

The Turkey Creek Middle School eight-grader presented her jersey Monday to officials at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y. She was wearing the jersey April 9 when she tossed a perfect game for her Brandon Farms team. It was her second perfect Little League game in a year.

“I was just amazed and felt so accomplished to come this far. No words describe how happy I was,” the 13-year-old said of the presentation[/i]

Coach B.

Congratulation to Chelsea Baker on all her accomplishments!
I wonder how many people know that she throws a knuckleball?
She learned it from Joe Niekro.
That’s how I heard of her- from searching for information on the knuckleball and searching for people who also throw it.