This is Our rice bucket work out

My Son is 11 years old thought I would post a video of the rice bucket work out

That is an awesome workout. How much rice do you have in the bucket and is it a particular variety? Didn’t know if one kind is any better than another.

We use a 5 gallon bucket with 30lbs of rice regular white rice is fine. My Son is 11 years old and His last bullpen He was bringing HEAT i don’t know how fast He is throwing but I would guess He tops out around 65mph

What is the purpose of this workout? Forearm strength?

[quote=“southpaw2011”]What is the purpose of this workout? Forearm strength?[/quote] It’s for forearm wrist and finger strength


this remind me of ShaoLin’s iron palm Kung Fu drill…

they start with hitting down the water, then follow by bean then sand,

I just started using the rice bucket this last semester. I play at a D2 college, and while I like how my forearms look after this, it can really limit the flexibility of the wrist. I would recommend this for hitters and especially catchers, but probably not for pitchers. If it seems to be working out for him though, you could implement some wrist rollers. I just use a 3 liter bottle filled with water and tied to a pole/stick using some laundry string. Roll the bottle all the way down with the arms straight out from the chest, then roll it back up (make sure to go back and forth). Mechanics are THE most important thing to develop in a young pitcher, though. You can only work out and eat healthy so much; a good pitcher needs a strong mechanical base.