This is a test

…of whether or not an old dog like me can learn new tricks.

If this works out, it will be two “firsts”–the first time I’ve managed to put a video clip on youtube, and the first time I’ve posted a link to a youtube url…what a world, what a world.

I’ve got my fingers crossed, here goes:

How did you get the slomotion? It’s really cool.

I recorded the video clip from stadium seating on the 1st-base side and used a Fastec Imaging SportsCam with a 6x zoom lens, on a small tripod.

The SportsCam model I am using can record at 250 frames per sec, with resolution = 640x480.

Fastec Imaging can be found at: for those who are interested in high speed video for sports motion analysis. There are some other companies who make this type of gear as well–Phantom comes to mind.

Hey! This YouTube stuff is fun!

What an honor to assist a wizard :smiley:

Well then set it into the page right :wink:
We’uns hear like to embed our UTube vids…like your first one.
That a pretty ball park…who has the pleasure of calling it home field?

Not sure what happened this time, jd…this old dog still hasn’t learned all of the new-fangled YouTube tricks. I thought I’d identified the new link as a URL, but I don’t actually know what “URL” even means, and it’s probably more-or-less a random accident that the first one worked.

The ball park is at USC, the occasion was a high school prospect camp in August. That was really something–80 kids, roughly half pitchers and half position players, were trained, conditioned, and thoroughly evaluated by the USC coaching staff over the course of 3 days. They were separated into 4 teams that trained together, played against each other, and generally had a great time.

Yeah I noticed the interlocked SC on the scoreboard. Nice field, nice vid.

USC’s field is called “Dedeaux Field” after former USC coach, Rod Dedeaux. BTW, Tom House played for Dedeaux.

that might be the coolest slowmotion video ive ever seen. Oh and nice pitching too :wink: