This is a showcase game from YouTube - Check out the strike zone


I think the umpire must have a date lined up after the game. My son was invited to a tryout for a showcase team and it’s not cheap. If this is an example of the strike zone, no thanks.


clearly somebody thought those were nice pitches :wink:

I hate those calls even in LL where I think the strike zone should be huge because they are strikes that the batter has almost no chance to hit… call it high, call it low, or inside, I’m good… outside, not a fan…


In the showcase environment - “not cheap” is the marque first and foremost. Now one would think that all that follows would mirror the time and expense of the paying customer. Those that go to these things can be the only opinion that matters.

On the other hand, umpires do have a view/vantage point that no one else has, and those that step into the box have to realize that. However, for whatever reason(s) this umpire seems to be in disagreement with your video’s vantage point.
Understandably up set as you are - your experience here shouldn’t go to waste.

Use this experience to ask a lot of questions before opening your wallet next time. Ask who will be there conducting the event. I would also suggest asking about the umpire compliment to the event - what is the experience rating and so forth. Now if someone is there to pitch, the attributes and conduct of the pitcher, regardless of the officiating (to a large degree) is what others are there to look at. On the other hand, if slugging is your thing… and you’re not even getting a decent break on that part, I’d start looking for those owning the event and put them on the spot …" What’s going on guys?"


Loving the sidearm.


Honestly loving that zone.


As a pitcher, sure, because they are unhittable!!


Hate to say it, but unless your kid is going D1, the umps aren’t going to get any better. Every team in the country has the same problem, whether it be a rec team or a showcase team. Even the umps at the D2 and D3 can be pretty rough around the edges.


My son just attended one of the large showcase events, as a matter of fact we are still here… I remembered reading this thread a few weeks ago and thought about as I lay here in the hotel room while another storm passes through, which is another subject entirely…

I have seen some poor umpiring but I can honestly say my experience over the first three games we played at this tournament are the worst I have ever seen. I am not one to be critical of umpires during a game and I do not, under any circumstances, shout at umpires during a game… in all of the years I have been around this game I have never seen an umpire change a call due to someone yelling from the stands.

During the game my son pitched I was standing along the fence down the third base line… he had a kid 0-2 and ended up walking him… when he called ball four the third base coach for the other team turned around to our coach, we were in the third base dugout, and said “holy sh–, that was strike six”.

During our first game one of our hitters got rung up on a pitch that hit his sleeve… no kidding, I was standing behind home plate and the ball clipped the sleeve of his uniform. The umpire called him out on strikes… our guy was actually running down to first base and the umpire called him out on strikes…

Our team is not obnoxious in any way… if any of our boys were to shout at an umpire or argue with an umpire their coach would take them out of the game immediately. Our parents, in general, don’t shout at umpires either so why we had such terrible calls against us is beyond me… in the last inning my son pitched he had another kid 0-2 and threw a fastball up out of the zone, he then threw a straight change on the outside corner and it was called a ball… I don’t know who said it, obviously it was a parent of one his teammates, but it was shouted “hey blue, I found your cell phone. I know it’s yours because it is the one with all of the missed calls”. That was the only thing I recall hearing being shouted towards the umpire…


he stole that line about the cell phone from Ben MacDonald, former LSU and major league pitcher, who said it while announcing the NCAA tournament a few weeks ago. it was in one of the LSU-MSU Super Regional games.