This is a question for every single user on this forum

Seems like everyones a teacher in this forum and knows all about pitching :roll:

Sooooo, I rawtalent would like to know how this site has benefitted you in anyway.

Velocity,injury prevention, anything. I want to know every little detail. :slight_smile: If you don’t mind.

The reason why I am asking this question is because everyones on this site to get better in anyway. Let me hear it.

knowledge of mechanics, of the other leagues around the world, how to throw a change up that works lol, and a good understanding of what a pitchers role is

pretty much everything i know ive learned from here

thankz u ugly, ugly group of people :wink:

I’ve learned about the magical art of tubing. Just kidding.

Mostly mechanic information and grips. Its also nice to see others’ videos. Speaking of which, I still haven’t uploaded one yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

i learned a lot from o’leary

i’ve learn a lot about mechanics which helped my arm a lot and before i learn the stuff form here i was having elbow problems and now it’s so much better i really appreciate all the help thanks guys

a crazy amount on mechanics, staying closed, hip rotation, getting it going, workouts, everything really ahhha