This guy is nuts!

I’m really sorry about it. That really was over the top.

This site is devoted to the enjoyment and progress of those interested in baseball … and particularly… pitching. This site doesn’t com cheap, and the expertise to administrate, manage, review, response, edit, and support the wide age group that depends on said same.

This site that you posted from YOUTUBE is a little over the top and a bit sensitive for all the above mentioned.

I don’t begrudge your comments, or your opinions on the matter … however please reconsider such material things in the future.

And on that note, “What does this have to do with baseball?”

Coach Baker

i did not see the vid so i cant say anything about it but this is the off topic dugout

we have these things called rules, they apply to all of the forums. Coach was being nice.

what wa is actually about?