This can't be good for my elbows...can it?

So we’ve started off-season workouts here and I don’t have too many complaints, except for when we do planks.

We do our planks in our gym/basketball court, on the hard wood floors with no cushion. So can putting that much pressure on your forearms be good for anything?

Just to be clear I’m not complaining about the planks themselves(I actually like them) but I’m complaining about the wood floors we are doing them on.

Nah, there’s no real problem with that.

might leave u a little bruised but it won’t damage the actually structures in the elbow

I have a different take on this…

Doing planks on a hard surface without a mat or other cushioning to protect your elbows is somewhat counterproductive.

The pain you feel from putting body weight on your elbows against a hard surface doesn’t help you, it’s not intended to be part of the work, and it must obviously limit your ability to stay in the isometric plank position for longer and longer times.

Most guys who’ve never done planks will have trouble lasting 30 seconds the first time they try. But most trainers want you to work up to at least 3 minutes, or more. Why let unproductive pain limit your ability to do this exercise?

Why not provide your own elbow protection–if other guys or the coaches call you a wuss for it, maybe challenge them back and prove to them that you can hold the plank position longer than they can.

Hmm okay I guess that makes sense I just thought it waa harmful since I’ve never done on a hardwood surface, so when it hurt I just assumed it was bad.

it’s obviously better to do them on a softer surface where you’ll get more out of the exercise, but by doing what your coach says you will not be harming yourself except for maybe slight bruising at worst.

Those plank exercises are very good for you. There are many more advanced core exercises you should try. I know Steve has some great ones in Tuff Cuff.

I am at the halfway point now with the insanity program. I mention this because I believe they have outstanding core workouts that will definately get you fit to pitch. I wasn’t a big fan of p 90 x ab ripper X because it puts too much pressure on your back.

Keep up the great work!

Not really, its basically just a bunch of standard abdominal movements thrown into a big circuit. They just aren’t very functional and P90X as a whole program isn’t for athletes. Its mostly muscle isolation, which there is no athletic movement that isolates one set of muscles. As far as lower back stress goes, it is the only way to strengthen your lower back muscles! I deadlifted 385x11 today, that put plenty of stress on my lower back, but in turn it will make those muscles stronger.

Only real men deadlift. And only crazy men deadlift for more than 10 reps. I respect that.


Well, possibly. :slight_smile:

Pavel would disagree!