Third pitch?

I hate to ask this question, It’s silly to me. I often ridicule other for asking this question. But I had a game last night where all my pitches were damn near perfect my fastball had good velo and my splitter had great sharp downward break and my control was mostly excellent. This team got used to my style from last year and came it nice and aggressive hitting both of my pitches pretty hard. I gave up 3 ER in 3 innings and I struck out three and gave up about 6 or more hits.

anyways I am 17 years old and I belive I throw somewhere in the range of 75-80. I throw a 2-seam fastball and a splitfingered fastball. I was wondering what other pitch would compliment my current pitches the most. I have ruled out the changeup because my splitter acts like somewhat of a changeup already. My brother recomneded the curveball and I told him I would only use it if I developed a curveball that has good velocity and a sharp break to it. any ideas? what pitch would be good for me? it’s not something Im going to use in the immediate future its just something to work on between games until I develope control.

A curve would be good. Just make sure your mechanics and timing are the same as your fastball. In particular, make sure you maintain the same arm speed. That will make the ball look more like a fastball coming out of your hand (due to the height of the trajectory) and it will give it a later, sharp break.

Circle Changeup
looks like a 2seam fastball but its slower

compliments any pitchers arsenal

Dont give up on the change. When your fastball is “damn near perfect” the changeup will easily become one of, if not, your best “out pitch”.

Take me for instance, I played JV last year, and mostly came in relief (had a few spot starts) and I didnt throw one changeup, I had no confidence in it and I didnt think I threw a good one. I pitched alright for the whole year. Now I am pitching in an adult league that includes numerous college players ranging from D-1 to community-level, as well as a few guys who have even played in semi-pro leagues. Anyways, in my first game I came in relief after our starter got shelled for like 10 runs in 2.1 IP. I came in to strike the first 2 guys out to end the 3rd inning, and I struck out BOTH guys (1 being a former D-1 player) on the changeup, which was also the first time I had ever thrown a change in a game. This is someone who had never thrown a changeup in a game, EVER. So I recommend that you start throwing the change when you play catch to get the feel for it. Then if you get a big lead in a game you’re pitching, just throw a few and see how it works out.

I guess it couldnt hurt. But like I said my splitter is an acting change up right now. Its somewhat slower than my fastball and has sharp downward movement. A changeup at this point would do the same thing but with less movement. against this team I would need something that has a different direction and velocity from my splitty and fastball and the only think I can come up with is a curveball. and maybe a slider but I dont know how to throw a slider! haha.

In my opinion and personal experience, the slider is probably the hardest pitch to throw with both effective speed and break. I can throw it slower to get break, but its basically a slurve. Or I can throw it fast with little break and its like a cutter.

The good thing about a changeup having less break than a splitfinger is that if the hitter is frozen by the suprise of its lack of velocity it has a better chance to remain in the strike zone, where a big breaking splitter will most likely dive down to the dirt if the hitter is frozen and it will be called a ball. A change doesnt need break because if it is significantly slower than your fastball the hitter will be out in front if your throw it correctly (ie, same arm speed as your fastball) and a break on it is unneccesary.

Ok well what changeup do you recomend? 2 finger change? regual change? palmball? circlechange? Do you think I should develope the 2 finger change cause it well most likyl look ly my fastball?

I throw a 3-finger changeup, but there is really no telling what will work for you. If I were you I’d try throwing each style of changeup during a game of catch and find out what one feels and works best for you. To throw a 3-finger just take the ball as if you were throwing a 4-seamer but bring your ring finger up on top so your pointer, middle, and ring finger are all on top of the ball and pretty equally spaced across the seam. Your thumb should be aligned straight up and down with your middle finger and your pinky just rest it tightly on the side of the ball (creates more friction, which is always good when throwing a changeup).

Like I said, no two pitchers are exactly alike, so mess around in a game of catch with all the changeups, take whatever one feels best and start throwing it off a mound.