Third Pitch Choice

I have mastered a fastball, a changeup, and am looking for a third pitch that breaks or puts movement on it. What pitch should I look for? How should I throw it, and how long should it take, (on average), to get a hold of it? What exactly can this ball do on average? What are the sucess results?



haha look a few post down i posted the same thing

i was looking for a 3rd pitch after masterin fastball changeup

and i found it

split finger

crazy pitch

I throw a 4-seam 2-seam but the 2 seam is almost always thrown inside a changeup and a cutter. I like the cutter becuase i already have an offspeed pitch and i have one that breaks in on a right handed batter right handed thrower so i like one that will go the opposite way. And all the pitches have the same arm action you dont throw the change or cutter any diffrent. That’s my third pitch and i like it a lot.

As rawtalent said try a splitter, i couldnt work out at feel for a change up so now i use that. I got it to work and with control the first time i tried it. If not try a knuckleball there always good fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah the knuckler is pretty fun but, it takes a long time to get good at, it took me 6 years to master!

I’d say go ahead with the splitter and if it doesn’t work for you, try my 3 finger variation where you put the index and ring on the outside and the middle goes on top and then push down with the middle (also known as the Apple Ball).