Thinking Your Way Out Of The Minor Leagues

The whole RIstar saga got me thinking about something.

I have a client who was drafted in 2002 (he gave me the Mark Prior clips) and ended up getting released for a variety of reasons (one of which I think was an injury).

I think one of the reasons he was released is that he thinks WAY too much.

The clips I have seen of him indicate that his mechanics are top-notch. However, he cannot resist tweaking them, so much so that I think he may have tweaked his way out of the minor leagues. He was constantly looking for ways to improve his mechanics and tried literally everything.

Of course, the problem is that some pitching advice is contradictory (not to mention wrong).

What I’m trying to say is that, while it’s good to try to improve yourself, you also have to find good advice and give it time to work rather than trying a new big idea every week or even month.

Just a word of caution.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a pretty good set of mechanics. Theres so many different arguements to make. But also you can pick out quite a few bits of information that almost everybody agrees on. Once you find those things your really doing good. Sometimes I try and disreguard all the contraversial topics, the ones that most people argue about most and just go with the flow. If you get all the aggreed mechanics down you’ll do good. Everything else should be comfort.