Thinking to much?

My son has been told that he is thinking to much on the mound. He has improved on this in the last year or so but still from time to time has problems with it. He is 14 and I have been told that it will improve some with maturity. Is there anything else he can do to help this along? He puts alot of pressure on his self. I have found it interesting that he seems to pitch better under pressure.

There is a lot of pressure being on the mound, I too have been accused, as I am sure most pitchers as well, of putting too much pressure on yourself. One of the main things he has to realize is that he has 7 guys behind him waiting to do their job as well and not to try to strike everybody out. This will get better with maturity, but unfortunatly I dont think it is something that you can ever grow out of.

don’t try to strike everybody out. Strike outs are boring, besides that, they’re facist. Throw some ground balls - it’s more democratic. :lol:

Thank you Rtusk40…He used to think he had to strike everyone out…but he has got better with that.

[quote=“Travelballmom”]Thank you Rtusk40…He used to think he had to strike everyone out…but he has got better with that.[/quote]everyones like that when their young :smiley:

By “Thinking Too Much” maybe you mean he takes his time between pitches, perhaps a little too much time. And he may try to evaluate the result of his pitches while on the mound thus losing concentration on the job at hand?

Suggest to him that he simplify the process by focusing on one or two goals while pitching. Those might be:

  1. First pitch strike to every batter.
  2. Get an out within four pitches.

Picking up the tempo drives the batters crazy and helps keep his fielders on their toes.

The best advice my son got was that as soon as he releases the pitch - its over…he has no control over the results anymore. The process of thinking about the next pitch begins.

im 14 and i pitch way better under pressure and i thimk alot. About the batter and ways to get him on his front foot.
Thinking is the best thing your son can do take it from me i should know i do it all the time.

you dont go out there to think. thinking is done in the bullpen. its a routine once you are out there.

You need to be thinking about the right things when you’re on the mound in a game. You need to be thinking about the batter and your pitch sequence. You should not be thinking about your mehanics.

thanks roger thats what i meant by saying that.

I try to be very still between pitches in that I don’t like to waste much movement or show any reaction to what’s going on whatsoever (except for a little abreviated fist pump if something good happens, especially if a defense player makes a play)/

If you force your body to be controlled and calm and still, the mind will hopefully follow.

So i just got home from my first outing of the season. lets just say it was crappy. i threw 32 pitches in 2/3 of an inning. but in the bullpen i was was throwing realy good. all my coachs are saying that im thinking too much. when i was on the mound when i was doing bad i felt like i could die. i just wanted to get out of there. i felt so much pressure that it wasn’t even funny. now al my machanics r sound so i know that it has to be the mental side. i just need some advice what to do to improve my mental game.

I don’t know how fond of reading you are but perhaps if you can get your hands on this book it might help…

The Mental ABC’s of Pitching by H. A. Dorfman
It will set you back about $20 for paperback.

"It isn’t whether you get knocked down, its whether you get back up."
Vince Lombardi

hey thanks dino. last night i just read tons of quotes from some of the great pitchers and today i pitched and did a lot better. i just tryed to make the batter hit the ball insted of trying to make him miss it. i just told my self to relax and have some fun

Many coaches get frustrated with this part of the game and suggest to kids that they “Think too much” or “You’re thinking too much” When a player learns what each comment represents and he agrees, learning has taken place. Lets agree, the frustration built into this great game is trying to figure out all the things that happen either for us or the opponent.

what gets me in trouble is when i start thinking. if i walk someone or someone crushes one of me…i take a minute, walk around the mound, and breathe. smooth and in control. don’t think, do.