THINKING bout it (K-ball)

what are you gonna do about it


You guys are both keyboard tough guys… get this crap of this web site…

Hey man, if you want k-ball help you can pm me and I also have a link for you,
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Hey don’t worry people don’t like knuckleballs because they don’t want to take the time to practice. Scouts don’t like pure knuckleballers because they think that it is a last ditch effort to stay in baseball. They’re wrong though.

Let me say this:
84 MPH at 15 is way above average. Its very very good.
That knuckleball is wasting it. Knuckleballs suck. I said it. 90% of the K-ballers out there suck.
2.4 Pop time: not good. Our worst catcher is a 2.

90% of k-ballers out there are like .01% of all pitchers and have enough mental toughness to throw it. Knuckleballers don’t stink because they throw a knuckleball. Phil Niekro threw a shutout without his knuckleball at the MLB level, only threw the knuckler to the last batter. Charlie Haeger and Charlie Zink were drafted on 90+ fastballs and then their coaches told them to use the knuckleball instead because they had some sort of injury. Joe Niekro was a conventional pitcher who went to knuckleballer under the influence of Phil. You can’t say someone stinks because they throw a knuckleball. Knuckleballers usually have to learn on their own except now the Dave Clark has the site and The Knucklebook. A lot of work goes into it, however most scouts believe that all that is needed is a blazing fastball an some conventional stuff to be scouting or drafting someone. I strongly disagree with your statement.

Ok then. Add .009% to the total percentage of crappy pitchers. If I see one good knuckleballer before I get too old to play, Ill buy him a drink. Im saying 9 out of 10 “knuckleballers” suck. I’ll admit a few are great. Some have alot of movement and have mastered it. But do you know why you see so few people throwing it? Because its hard to master it. And the ones who cant master it but still throw it still call themselves “knuckleballers” they do this because they cant throw any other pitch worth anything.

People who do that aren’t knuckleball pitchers then, they are flat out bad pitchers. A knuckleball will not make up for bad pitching, you have to be able to pitch anyways.


Let me rephrase then.
100 of pitchers who throw a knuckleball suck.
90% of pitchers who pitch a knuckleball dont suck.

That I will accept a little bit more.

If people who really wanted to throw it would actually take time to master it then it would be different. You are right in the sense that some people like to throw it but aren’t good at pitching at all nor can they unleash a decent floater.

The knuckleball is such a unique pitch. I love it and I love throwing (erm, pitching :wink: ?) it.

I haven’t seen a good Knuckleball in my career.

why? because scouts could give a shit about it, and they are damn near impossible to master. There’s only been a few big leaguers who throw them. There’s a reason for that guys.

my dad messed up pop time turned on watch when pitch was thrown

Seriously just pm me.

You guys don’t realize that not everyone has to be a pure knuckleballer to be a good knuckleball pitcher. Early Wynn got 300 wins by throwing it as his change-up pitch.

Again, the reason you don’t see many good floaters from people who claim to have one is because they don’t take the time to master it. If you really took time and learned how to throw it in depth then it is a great pitch.

decided not to throw k-ball
circle Change up
12-6 curve


good choice, you got a great arm it sounds like… Stay on the bump

Your hitters will freeze in fear when they hear how many pitches you can throw effectively.

So you’ve flopped back to being a Pitcher now???

yup :lol: