Think i figured out how to increase speed

Strengthening tendons and ligaments. Usually pitchers who throw slow have weak tendons and ligaments which leads to injury so strenthen those

This is from a site i was browsing on.

"However, to develop strength in the tendons and ligaments, which will lead to increased strength in subsequent work-outs and ultimately greater muscle gains, the idea is to execute these movements over a shorter range of motion. "

Meaning when you lift…For developed pitchers only, Workout with your max but instead of say doing a full bench press, do it half way so the tendons and ligaments take the work and load and build up.

sound good?

Hmm, I’m not a fan of constantly lifting in a shortened range of motion.
Long term you could be limiting flexibility. And also you will fail to strengthen the weakest parts of the motion.

That being said partial repetitions can be great additions, generally as the last couple sets of an exercise. They challenge the body and get the CNS used to a heavier load.

I’m curious what site you found that info on. The idea that it directly strengthens tendons an ligaments provides for lots of debate in various training circles. I’m not saying it’s wrong, far from it actually I’d be personally interested in seeing all they talked about.

The application of partial reps is interesting, I’ve read studies showing the half squat is more highly correlated to sprinting then a full squat.

i think it makes a lot of sense. oh and rawtalent, i seen packerfreek sent you that throwing program with the weighted balls, do you think you can send it to me? my e-mail is

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Never heard of anyone teaching this as a pitching workout.