Think about your specialty now

This suggestion is for those pitchers, 14 years of age and older.

As your progress upward in age and competitive classification, you should be considering at what point do you start to specialize with how you fit into the pitching staff. In that regard, are your best chances of “doing your thing,” fits best as a starter, reliever, closer or specialty pitcher. Each of these slots requires a personal makeup and temperament that’s totally different and separate from the other.

So look, find your place in this sport on the bump and dig in and own it.

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What If i suck. Should I switch to center field

If you suck, you’re probably in a vacuum.

On the other hand, try fly fishing. You don’t have to concern yourself with worms - a tied fly is artificial and rather cheap, easy to wrap a line around and doesn’t require much in the way of pitch, catch, run, and hit. So if you don’t mind standing in hip deep water, whipping a sharp hook over your head … forget center field, forget acting like a vacuum - just fish.

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