Things you miss about playing other positions

Obviously all of us here love pitching, and at least for myself, it’s all I really want to do in baseball - and all I’m any good at. Not all, but I guess a good chunk of us by 17 or 18 have specialized as pitchers only, but everyone played another position or two competitively before hitting that stage.

So my question is… what are some of the things you guys miss about playing your old positions?

The only thing I ever used to do other than pitch was play 1B, and while I was never much of a hitter at all (you know, the thing that’s EXPECTED of guys on the corners), I played a pretty good defense. And being a socialite at the only position in the game that lets you socialize, I was always chatting it up with whoever managed to get on base for the opposition, unless it was a guy or a team I really didn’t like.

It was never anything deep, but one of the reasons I love baseball so much is because it balances serious competition with the lighter side of the sport and life itself, and that’s one of the things that was awesome about 1B.

How about everyone else?