Things to do on the day of a start?


What should I do the day I know im starting before I go to the field?


What I used to do the day I would be starting: a good breakfast, get to the field, loosen up, then go to the bullpen and warm up for about fifteen minutes (making sure all my pitches were working for me)—then take the mound and make the opposing batters look very stupid with my assortment of snake-jazz.


Before you go to the field?
The night before drink a glass water before bed and as soon as rising. The longest period of time a person goes without drinking is when asleep. So, most people wake up dehydrated to some level. Sip on water to get hydrated throughout the morning. Get a good nights sleep. Eat a substantial breakfast. Hitting a drive through 5 minutes before you get to the field is not ideal but better than not eating.
Some people are very into their own rituals, some are not. When you arrive at the field and get your spikes on you should already be starting the process of mentally focusing. Visualize your pitches the night before…FB on the corner, change up middle in and dropping for a swing and miss, nasty CB or whatever your through. See it first in your mind.


Even if you have a later game, I highly recommend waking up a reasonable time then doing something productive. The days when I woke up and knocked out a chore or something always resulted in a better start. I think it just puts the brain in an active state rather than the grogginess of a sleep-in after a late night of Xbox or something.


Yes, don’t be a slug on the day of your start. Set the tone right from the word go. Set your alarm clock and get up to it. It’s time to go to work.