Thera band program

i want to purchase the thera band program to strengthen my rotator cuff muscles but i do not know the proper weight tubes to get and what kind…any help??

new jersey

The thera-band website can be accessed directly at

I called thera band trying to find out what color bands i should get and they could not help me, can you suggest the color/weight band that would be best and the type…if you know this info…???
thanks alot, trying to get ready for april!

new jersey

Here’s my recommendation for “exercise band color”/“age use” of thera-bands. For more information, please visit A "flash video of an elastic tubing workout can be viewed on my website at .

Color | Weight | Age

Tan Extra Thin 10-11
Yellow Thin 11-12
Red Medium 13-15
Green Heavy 16-17
Blue Extra Heavy 18-22,23
Black Spcl Heavy not recommended, too heavy
Silver Spr Heavy not recommended, too heavy
Gold Max not recommended, too heavy