Theoretical Situation

Which would you rather have happen in 4 months:
Beginning info

Body Fat %:10.6%
Fastball (top)-77 mph
Bench (max)-120 lbs
Squat (max)-200 lbs
Biceps-11 inch
Vertical Jump: 24 in
40 yd speed: 5.2 sec
20 yd speed: 3.05 sec
Other: Small build, weak, no 6 pack.

Option A
Body Fat %:6%
Fastball (top)-82 mph
Bench (max)-180 lbs
Squat (max)-295 lbs
Biceps-13 inch
Vertical Jump: 26 in
40 yd speed: 5.0sec
20 yd speed: 2.95 sec
Other: Muscular Build, strong, well defined 6 pack.

Option B
Body Fat %:8%
Fastball (top)-83 mph
Bench (max)-140 lbs
Squat (max)-250 lbs
Biceps-12 inch
Vertical Jump: 32 in
40 yd speed: 4.85 sec
20 yd speed: 2.85 sec
Other: Small build, medium strength, undefined 6 pack.

Trying to get to “Option A” in 4 months, without steroids, is next to impossible … UNLESS your body goes through a freak growth spurt.

Gaining 25 pounds in four months, while dropping 4 points of body fat, is both dangerous and next to impossible.

Option B is closer to a realistic expectation — though the vertical jump and 40 time goals may take a bit longer to reach.

The reason why I put these on here are that they are the alleged results of those strength building programs (Option A) and the Vertical jump programs (B).

Which would be more benificial to pitching–an overall strength or a vertical jump program w/ lots of plyos and styff.