Then and now III


So this was one of the first forums I posted to in regards to the kid and baseball. Check in every once in a while but as the kid hasn’t seemed on a path that would lead to pitching not bothered to keep up day to day. Funny thing happened this year though…

As a sophomore pitching varsity in HS he had a very so-so year. Had the lowest opposing batting average but highest ERA, if that tells you anything. Switched over to TB playing on a pretty good team and played in some high level tournaments in TN,GA, FT Meyers, and Jupiter. And proceeds to pitch very well against some good teams. At one point racking up 21 k’s in 10 innings over 2 games. All the while preforming at a pretty high level at the plate.

So any way, see some familiar faces and some new ones now. For the ones who might remember me an update. This path the kid is on has taken a somewhat unexpected, but welcome, turn right under a big red N.


Congrats and best of luck to him!


Yeah, what Wales said!