has a sister site!

Its says on the bottom of the page its copyrighted by The Complete Pitcher, Inc.


Anything for outfielders? :lol:

How about infielders?

Whoa! How’d you guys find it :slight_smile: It’s only been up for a week!

I have a keen sense for these things. No seriously I did a search for catcher drills and it was one of the top 5. You should get a discussion forum up on there.

Now I can learn how to be a catcher too!

Ha I’ll have to show my brother hes the catcher.

Whos the guy doing the workouts?

Are you the only guy doing this website Steven?

Outstanding!!! Long over due for those youngsters who want this very
important discipline and position.

Very good work Steve! I have a book full of people I’m going to e-mail this evening.

Coach B.

now my brother can have a website to work on catching too :slight_smile: