The umpiring

i usually dont want to bring up the umps and how they are ruining the series but come on these guys are a joke. for the world series please get the top umps. not only have these guys clearly blown calls on the bases but the strike zones have been inconsistent and terrible, its going both ways just bad umps

I don’t think the strike zone has been to bad. Every ump has his own strike zone. But i do thing way to many calls have been missed on the base paths. The on that sticks in my mind was j-rol’s run down at third that got missed.

The announcers have gone down harder on these umps than I’ve ever heard, and for good reason.

It’s all been terrible. They showed a graphic of all the blown calls and miscues by the umping team … way too many (more than 0 is way too many).

Uck. Mother Nature and the umpires suck.

You play any sport assuming the rules will be carried out by the officials as you expect them to be: accurately. The strike zone is one thing. I mean, were mostly pitchers here. There’s a bias to a larger strike zone here :wink:

But the outs that get missed, especially on the biggest stage, are outrageous. It honestly makes me want instant replay in general.

Plus… imagine the conspiracy theories you could cook up with bad umping going one way or another.