The tuff cuff book

im planning on bouyin the tuff cuff program from here and i just want to know how is it?
does it tell you alot?
does it work for you?
and most of all is it worth buying?

The book contains excellent material that used pretty much in every college environment and professional system.

What I find is its readability, straight forward nature and it’s progressive. And by progessive I mean you can start with reading the basics of why-how-how much along with an excellent section(s) on what supports all this.

I have this publication and it has summarized a lot of other publications on the subject(s) of conditioning. This book of Steven Ellis - in my opinion, has done a lot of leg work for you and has boiled down in a very simple way … a very impressive start to your professional inventory of “must have” equipment.

However, a word of caution is in order here. The book has to used honestly and with sincere effort… routinely. Starting and stoping because of a lack of interst along the way does it and you no justice.

Coach B.