The Towel Drill

I have been using the towel drill alot lately to help work on my mechanics. I try to spend at least an hour if not two working off of a mound using the towel drill and a camera to review my mechanics. Obviously im not going to get the same result as i would actually throwing off of a mound. But lets face it, you can only throw so much off of a mound without hurting your arm. Personally I think it has helped me improve my mechanics, but my question is,

Can spending too much time on the towel drill have a negative effect on my mechanics? I have continued to throw regularly, but am now using this in addition to throwing.

The towel drill is meant to work on mechanics…mainly on getting out in front and finishing, also it can be used if you dont have anyone to do a bullpen with or something like that…I personally like the towel drill.

Too much of anything can be bad. But I wouldn’t worry about doing too much towel drill. That is unless you’ve got poor mechanics - then you’re just practice poor mechanics. Make sure you’re practicing good mechanics.

I’ve got a fever - and the only cure is more towel drill!
(Can anyone name the SNL reference?)

Here you go Roger.

Ding ding ding. We have a winner!

Haha… gotta love SNL. Thanks for the responses guys.