The Strangest Things to Happen at the Ballpark?

  • Time was called for a fan on the field. The park security finally ran the man down, and with little or no resistance. He stopped, and then pointed to a piece of paper flopping around in the wind. The park security along with our right fielder started to chase the paper around until finally our left fielder put a cleat through it. Then the man shakes everyone’s hand and soon thereafter, the game resumes. When our left fielder returns to the dugout, he’s smiling and shaking his head. “ok, give – what was that all about?” As it turned out, the guy was in the process of proposing to his girlfriend with a diamond along with these words on that paper flying around left field…. “ Stacy, will you marry me?”

  • An electronic scoreboard, with all the bells and whistles, was installed in a stadium that we called home for two seasons. There were a few glitches now and then, but at least our names were spelled right. In any event, public TV was promoted one night and the Cookie Monster was programed during the end of every full inning to say Hi Kids- with a wave. Unfortunately, a few of the bulbs went out, and no one really noticed until the third inning. Those bulbs, pixels or whatever they’re called, were right along the hand of the Cookie Monster’s waving hand. Every finger was dark except the middle finger. The scoreboard was gone along with the promotions manager two days later.

  • Revenge is a sweet thing to witness when done by a pro. A player of ours was trying to date one of the minority owner’s daughters. This wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. During an away game he was replaced, but not before a … “oh yeah…” Somehow, he made it back to our home stadium, got into the owner’s private box and put Vicks Vapor Rub on all the toilet seats. To say that didn’t … sit well … with the ownership was an understatement.

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A couple from my college years:

We always played a really rural school in Mississippi as kind of a goodwill game, and my freshmen year, we had to clear car parts and broken glass off of their infield prior to the game. Apparently they partied hard the night before.

During an extensive rain delay, we built a 9 hole mini-golf course in the clubhouse and had a tournament using fungos and baseballs. During that same rain delay my catcher put his pants on his torso and his jersey on his legs and went sprinting into the drenched infield - looking like some who could run extremely fast while doing a handstand.

Two of my friends “pre-game warmup” was playing a make believe ping pong game using gatorade cups. If you position your hand right, you can flick the side of the cup and it sounds JUST like a ping pong ball being hit. They would play all of these dramatic points hitting fantastic slams and diving saves. Really entertaining actually haha.

The opposing student section was getting particularly nasty with some comments, and our bus driver went over and threatened that he had a handgun in the bus. That didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Great story though.

I’m leaving a few others out to keep things G rated.

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This happened one day at a minor-league game—probably AA. At one point a passenger-carrying dirigible (blimp or whatever one might call that particular aircraft) came into view and dropped to above 250 feet above the playing field and hovered there what seemed like an interminable time so the passengers could get a good look at the proceedings on the field. Time was called, and the umpires got together to discuss the situation. Finally the plate umpire bellowed, “If a batted ball hits that whatchamacallit, it’s a ground-rule double!”

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