The story of Mark

wow…all of you have some great logs so i figured i would start one on my own…
ill start with a little history about myself…

I got into baseball in the 8th grade when the marlins won the world series in 03. i fell in love with baseball. watching josh beckett made me want to pitch. funny how i dont even care about him.

anyway i started out in pony league and i pitched maybe 3 games. i was horrible. no real mechanics but i had natural athletic ability. my coach never let me play.

Road to Highschool

im currently a junior. 5’10 165 pounds. I throw:
Change Up
(working a little bit on a cutter)

anyway my freshman year i tryd out and made the jv team. its a good thing we didnt cut because there was no way i should have made it. anyway sitting the whole year on the bench and not getting to throw a single pitch in a game lit a fire in my ass. i worked so hard over my summer going into my sophmore year playing for legion. i read every article on pitching there was. my american legion was a big success and some of the seniors who saw me play talked to my coach.

I ended up starting the season opener for varsity my sophmore year because our ace got expelled. I pitched okay in the opener but there were alot of errors and we were 10 run ruled quickly. i started one more game and didnt pitch well. lots of walks.

[b]I was a head case on the mound[size=18][/size] my nerves killed me and everything got to me. i couldnt shake off an error

anyway a week later i severly strained my deltoid in my pitching am messing around in practice and i missed the whole season because of it. i was back to normal by the summer and i played summerball again and did well once again.

this year is my junior year and ive been very good. its funny…i didnt play an inning on jv my freshman year. i played only varsity my sophmore year. now im actually on JV for the first time this year. so far i am 5-0
with a low era. i dont know what it is but its probably in the low 2’s.

By the way i play both JV and Varsity but they havent needed me on Varsity. we have had a very successful Varsity season so why change anything i guess.

ill post videos of mechanics soon. suppossedly i got clocked at 78 at one of the games. i would like the oppurtunity to air it out and see what i can get to.


interesting bit about finding motivation while riding the pine. Let us know how you do in your next outing.

so im playing for legion this summer. our high school conditioning coach took over so we have most of the highschool team on legion.

ive started 2 games so far. the first game i only went 3 innings because we were still giving all the pitchers chances to prove themselves. i gave up 1 earned run in that game.

tonight i got another start. i forgot to mention legion is 9 inning baseball.
I went 7 1/3 innings giving up 2 earned runs. we ended up losing 2-1. i got taken out with runners on 1st and 3rd after the ump blew a double play call. oh well. i threw good. lots of groundballs.

ill update after my next outing which should be sometime this weekend.

hey guys another update.

i pitched sunday which was 2 days ago.

i threw 6 innings. 3 hits. 0 runs 0 earned runs i dont know how many strike outs i had. i know i ended 4 of the 6 innings on strike outs and i had a couple multi strike out innings. ill say between 5-8 k’s. i used mostly fastball and slider.

i used to throw a cut fastball but the more i look at it the more it seems to becoming a hard slider. o well whatever it is…its working. the team we played was the best hitting team we have faced this summer. we have played them about 3 or 4 times now and they are pretty good. i faced them once before which i talked about in my 2nd post.

i should start on thursday or sunday. ill update then.

p.s. im trying to incorporate getting my hips moving sooner. its tough. Do i try to get my arm up sooner so my arm doesnt lag?

Yes, you may have to make an adjustment to get your timing right. However, if you do other things properly you will be able to stay closed longer and that should offset things and minimize the adjustment you have to make.

thanks for the tip roger.

well i got my 4th start of summerball last night…

i went 3 innings allowing 1 run. i had to leave the game after the 3rd because my finger wouldnt stop bleeding. dont worry its not a blister or anything guys!

i cut myself at work fooling with a knife. i work in a resturant. i know i know im stupid for messing with knives. o well.

so far my era for the season is 1.86 in 19.3 innings pitched so far

back to update again.

well i pitched in relief for the 1st time this summer. i went 5 innings. i gave up 4 runs total. 3 were earned. all three earned runs were given up in my first inning of work. after that i settled down.

so far in 24.3 innings of work my ERA is 2.60

well i dont know when ill be throwing again. we have a tournament in lakeland next weekend so probably then.

updates soon…

hey guys back for another update.

we had a tournament in lakeland. we didnt do well…

we played in 3 games. i pitched in all 3. i started the 1st game. pitched relief in the 2nd game and started the 3rd and final game.

in the first game i was told i would only be going 3 innings to save my arm for the rest of the tournament. i threw 3 scoreless innings and that was that.

the 2nd game was interesting. we were short on pitching and the game didnt really matter because the 3rd game was an elimination game. i came in with the bases loaded and 0 outs. i struck out the first two batters and then i got the 3rd one to ground out to our shortstop. unfortunatly our shortstop made a bad throw to second for the force and all 3 runs scored. none of the runs were on me. i got the last out on a pop out for that inning. my second inning of work for that game was a 1-2-3 inning.

well. we lost the first 2 games. we were going to the 3rd facing elimination and we needed a win. my coach told me i would start and go as long as i could or as long as he thought i could. he told me he was putting me in because i was throwing the best at the time.

well…to put it short. i got stroked up and down… lol anything i left an inch over the plate got slammed. i payed for every little mistake. the team was a decent hitting team. i was (in my opinion) a little fatigued from my other appearences and i didnt really know where the ball was going. my arm felt good but i didnt have control and my 2 seamer/sinker wasnt doing any thing. i only went 1 inning for that last game giving up 4 runs in that game. o well.

all in all i threw 6 innings for the 2 days and 3 games. my first five innings were scoreless. take away the 1 bad inning/game u threw really well. i gave up 4 runs for the tournament 3 earned. all the runs i gave up for the tournament were in that last game. thats all i have for now. i need a few days off for rest. ill update soon…

hey im back. its been awhile since my last update.

i pitched last wednesday. i started. i went 7 innings giving up no earned runs. 1 run altogether. i was really in control from the get go.

ive already pitched against that team 3 times this season including this game im talking about.

i havent really been relying on my cut fastball/slider lately. its mainly been my fastball and curveball but its nice to have an extra pitch for crunch time. all in all so far ive been pitching really well in all of my starts this summer.

so far this summer ive pitched 37.3 innings and my ERA is 2.65