The Stick

I was looking for some exercise equipment for pitching so i was looking on the online store for this website and i found the stick

This is the review by Mr. Ellis
"Relieve sore, stiff, tight, cramping, and fatigued muscles by restoring muscular balance. Portable and can be used solo."

I no nothing about it. Is it something worth buying? How do you use it? I have been researching it and i found theres different weights 18 15 12 and 9. I am 14, 5-8 140 pounds. Which one should i get?

LOL i bought THE STICK to help my arm recover from the high amount of throwing i’ve been doing. basically it’s a stick with little rollers on it and you use it to massage sore spots in your arm, back, shoulders, etc.

i think that it’s definitely good for recovery and i use it after i’ve been throwing as well as after i work out. for some reason i’ve always been against icing so it’s a good alternative that i think works better anyway. i recently saw hideki okajima using it in the boston bullpen so that’s a cool pro endorsement :slight_smile:

ahahahaha sounds good. a stick with rollers on it to massage my arm sounds really goood. lol. seeing okajima using it, now i have to get it.

the magnassager is also great and better then the stick.

The Stick is popular with track and field athletes. My older son who runs hurdles and high jumps has one and uses it frequently. It was recommended by his high school track coach.