The splitter

I recently got into a discussion on another message board about the splitter. The peron i was talking with said that the spliiter has little or no forward spin and acts like a knuckles ball in that it drops at the end.He says the forball is the pitch with the more forward spin.I always thought it was the other way around.I throw a splitter by splitting my fingers and snapping down at the release to get the most about of forward spin and the most amount of drop with as much speed possible because with speed ,and alot of spin i can generate more sharpness.Is this not how the splitter is thrown? whats the difference between a forkball and a splitter?

I Think its just two names for the same pitch but I could be wrong

A splitter and a forkball are similar, but a splitter tends to be thrown faster. This makes it hard to distinguish from a fastball.

Yes , but do they spin forward or backward? is my way of throwing a splitter correct??

I think your way of throwing the splitter is correct. It should have forward top-spin.

A splitter is generally thrown harder and tends to look more like a fastball because it spins more than a forkball which tends to have a wider grip which slows the ball a bit more. A forkball will even knuckle at times. I believe Schilling and Clemens throw a true split whereas Contreras throws a fork.

you get the knuckling “spinless” type of forkball because your hand isn’t big enough to grip it properly. It’s tough to throw a true forkball. The only guy I know who can throw it slept with a softball bound between his middle and index fingers for like a month, to stretch his hand out to be able to throw it. Crazy guy…

For the movement on my splitter it moves left and down. IS that how it is supoosed to move? If not then how does it move?

The exact movement will vary depending on your arm slot, but the idea is for the bottom to drop out of the pitch and for it to drop straight down.

the movement varies from grip to grip. My grip changes a little each time i throw it. sometimes it has BIG drop sometime only sharp movement.and other times it has a screwball motion.

Are you really changing the grip or are you changing the angle of forearm, wrist and hand?

I throw what I would call more of a fork than a split because it’s slower than I would like and I often get that knuckling action. I definitely have big enough hands though, I’m 6’10"

No its wierd…when i start off throwing the splitter my fingers are not too far out side of the i keep throwing my grip kids wider and wider.also sometimes one finger will be more split then the other one giving it some in or away movement.