The Slider

I just started working on a slider to go with my fastball and changup. Any tips or pointers that could help out would be greatly appreciated.

how old are you?

I remember when I used to throw a slider justed to let it slip out of your hand.

I donno what grip you use but I use the one from the site

I try to chop down on the ball and it makes the ball spin more (at least it seems like it spins more to me) and for me it gets a lot better movement. Mine actually is like a slurve but so far 0 hits when I throw it. It usually results in a swing and miss or ground ball, but then again I don’t face the greatest batters in the world. Try to be able to throw it for a strike when need be and try and throw it so batters chase after it.

You want to throw it just like your fastball but chop down on it, it works for me hopefully it will work for you and good luck.

That’s not how you throw it. There is no “chopping” or turning of the wrist. You will destroy your elbow. The reason it’s a slurve is because you’re simply throwing a hanging curve. Check out what I wrote in this thread

slurve is not a hanging curve. One pitcher on our team throws more of a slurve, and its just a bit flatter curveball, still got a nasty bite to it though