The sinker

I read this article and was shocked and didn’t know alot about where to place the fingers but it is very interesting.

sinker, or sinking fastball, is one of the most effective pitches in the pitcher’s arsenal. While not as glamorous as a sharp curveball, or nasty split-finger fastball, the sinker is the bread and butter pitch for many successful pitchers. A good sinker should be only a few miles an hour slower than a pitchers regular fastball. By releasing the ball at a slight angle, the pitcher is able to get an inch or two of late movement on the ball, usually down and to the right (for a right-handed pitcher). It is this late movement that oftentimes results in the hitter making weak contact with the ball, usually hitting the top half of the ball, and hopefully resulting in a ground ball.

The grip There are many grips that can be used to throw a sinker. Most grips are based upon the standard 2-seam or 4-seam fastball. The key with the grip is to hold it slightly off-center in your hand so that (for a right-handed pitcher) more of the ball is on the right side of your hand. One way to accomplish this is to move your thumb a bit more to the left of the ball and a bit up the side.

The release A sinker should never be thrown straight overhand like a typical fastball. Rather, a sinker should be released more at a one to two o’clock posiition. This allows the pitch to get a rotation that will provide some late movement to the ball.

Location A good sinker must start low and get lower. If a sinker is left up above the hitter’s knees, it will not sink and is more of a batting practice fastball and thus easy to hit.

Stay on top While a 1 or 2 o’clock release point aids a sinker, don’t confuse that with getting under the ball. Its still just as critical to stay on top of the pitch as any other pitch.

When they mean right side of the hand do they mean hold it to the right or left?

It means shift your fingers to the left on the ball. Opposite of a cutter.

I think Im going to throw mine with a 2 seam grip with the fingers not on the laces and move the fingers up close to the Upside down U so that the fingers are all on the leather to get alot of sink and im going to hold it with a pretty comfortable grip.