The shoulder

A while ago (beginning of December) I was throwing outside and my shoulder was weird, when I lobbed the ball it would hurt but when I threw hard it didn’t. So I took a break for like an hour went back out and lobbed the ball and it hurt so I thought “Hey why not throw harder to see if it still hurts?” Not good, my shoulder felt pretty bad and I had to stop throwing. Normally I never get too much pain but this was a bit more than anything else really. It’s been a while and I’ve been playing football with some freinds (I have been throwing footballs with no pain and every once in a while since December I’ve thrown a baseball, but I could feel it in my arm unless I threw over the top. 3/4 never felt too great but nothing like when I first hurt my shoulder) and it’s been over a month in a half since I threw and it hurt badly. Every once in a while my shoulder feels weird but I felt like I might be able to start throwing again. So I went out and lobbed the ball. No pain at all. It felt pretty good I gotta admit and after a short amount of time throwing I still feel nothing. I’ve just been lobbing it so not to much stress on the shoulder I guess but I haven’t thrown full force just yet cause I’m a bit worried about it magically hurting again and I think I’m gonna wait a couple more days until I do. What you guys think? Does it sound like my problem could be over? Cause so far it sure does feel like it as of right now. (Haven’t seen a doctor and won’t really be able too any time soon)
(Little side note: any injuries I ever get, ice solves it. I guess I just get inflamation or something, donno if that’s helpful or not)

That’s also why I haven’t really been here that much, just wasn’t doing too much baseball wise.

I tried to get specific here but I’m dealing with memory since it doesn’t hurt all that much any more. (when I throw I haven’t felt anything but when I was shoveling snow I felt it a bit) It’s not my shoulder so i tried the best I could to match up the area of pain. I tried to narrow it down too. I started with the red circle then to the black circle and finally the green circle. But then i realized I couldn’t get rid of the other 2 circles without it looking funky so I just kept them.

Don’t know what was wrong and can’t tell you if you’re healed. But since you say you haveno pain after some light throwing, I would suggest that you take your time and build up to throwing hard. A comon mistake would be to realize you have no pain and then immediately start throwing hard. Work your way back into throwing hard.

Back when my younger son had a case of pitcher’s elbow, he took 8 weeks of rest before he started throwing. Then, when it was time to start throwing again, he did a full week or short toss, a week of medium toss and a couple weeks of long toss. So it was a full month before he threw his first pitch. This program seemed to work well.

Yeah, I was planning to do that but more in a couple days not a couple weeks. But I’ll try that to be safe, thanks. I posted a picture to try and help, donno if it does though.

video of mechanics please?