The Shift in the Percentage of Agendas


Baseball seems to have this appeal with the warm-n-fuzzy stuff that can be visualized as a partner with some kind of quality of life. In that regard, as a youngster, getting together with others and tossing the ole horse hide around has a certain good-ole time feeling that stays with a youngster a long time. As time passes, that feeling from those younger days sets the stage for getting into a more organized, structured pattern of things to come.

Soon, that freewill enjoyment of just having fun is replaced by structure. Structure that is short on fun and more oriented towards other ideas and purpose. Those ideas and purpose you soon realize are so far removed form your orginal introduction to a simple game of throw, hit, catch and run.

As much as you’d like to say… “ enough of this @!#*, you stick with it. You stick with it because of you truly like the game, or someone telling you to, or not be labeled a quitter, or for the lack of something better, you’re on the field – such as it is.

As time goes by you soon realize that this game is not a game, but push-n-shove of agendas structured by others, and those agendas are beyond your control or reasoning. But there comes a day when the light goes on and you finally figure it out why your doing what your doing. A new purpose comes into experience – WIN. But that purpose is not for you alone, but for those so far removed from you. That purpose for the most part, becomes the accolades and trophy for others. Your purpose, if it can be called that, is to learn how things are and will be in all future endeavors- all endeavors.

Somehow through all the practices, all the travel back and forth, all the sweat and grind, all the bruises, all the money spent, you either made it or not based on the percentage of agendas that have changed so drastically over a very short span of time. Those percentages seem to lopsided more and more, away from you and more towards those people and organizations that you wanted to be part of so badly.

Now here’s the things that will be repeated over and over again to you, verbally and other terms. You are there to contribute to something that’s bigger than yourself. For the good of the team, for the good of the organization, for the good of all those that came before you, and so on. No where is there any mention of you personally – no where. Kind of unfair if you ask me.

Now comes the part that really gets interesting and a real eye opener in the learn curve of life itself. Sooner or later you find out that the agendas of others will govern everything that you do or plan to do. Your insticts will serve you well if pay attention to these agendas. In essence, your being fitted into a suit that will serve your future employer, your economic setting, and any social or fraternal organization that you want to – or need to, belong to. Heavy stuff for a youngster who only wanted to toss a ball around – but that’s life.

The end result(s)here is this – the percentage of agendas, yours verses others, will change as time goes on and baseball can give you a front row seat to that matinee. Show time starts as soon as you say, “ can I play?”