The Sacrifices By Others

Contemplating a college career and all the choices that you’ll want to make is something that’s front and center with many high school student. These choices get even more dynamic when serious athletic competition is in the mix.

As you pick and chose your next move, I’d like you to think about someone other than yourself. I’d like you to think about all the things that’ll be given up by those around you. In particular, your parents, legal guardians, bothers and sisters, relatives, and those that you’ve made some sort of personal commitment to - like starting a serious relationship.

All of the heretofore will be making big time sacrifices, going without, tightening their belts, waiting by the phone, alone on a Saturday night, etc. All in all, a lot of people very close to you will be wishing you nothing but positive things.

Don’t take advantage of these good intentions by less than honest work. You know what I’m referring to. You know the thought process that circulates, the angles, the dodge.

Adulthood has a road that we all have, or will travel. We can go the straight and narrow, gather a reputation for being honest and true, dependable and trustworthy.

Best wishes on your trip.

Coach B.

Coach B.

My son is entering his sophomore year in college, transfering to a new school closer to home, seeking a masters degree in Business Administration - Sport Management, and pitching in a very competitive baseball program. My response to this post is:


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