The Rookie Part II

I just turned 35 a few days ago. I ordered your e-book as well as looking through your website. I want to pitch again. I have not thrown since high school (other than college intramurals). I never worked on baseball much, as I went to college for football. My high school coach said I threw in the low 90’s, but was never put to a radar gun to know for sure. I am currently working on getting back into shape and trying your 90 day program right now. I am looking for your professional opinion. I know the odds are stacked against me with age, but I want opinions on the best way to get noticed. Is a team specific tyrout, mlb sponsored tryout, or sending video to the teams of pitching. Any suggestions? I also saw that you do video analysis - is that a good option?
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Any ideas or suggestions from anyone.

Do you have a minor league club in town? Or somewhere around?

They usually hold a tryout, from what I’ve heard it’s somewhat common for guys of your age to be at those tryouts.

Good Luck

Normally professional teams hold open tryouts in certain cities. Normally they will hold them at a high school, Im not quite sure where to look for these tryouts. My best guess would be email some MLB teams and ask them about their scouting calender and where it will be