The Rocket's Return!

As most of us know Roger Clemens pitched today against the Pirates in the interleague game. He had 6IP, 5 hits, 2 BB, 3 ER and 7 K plus he got the win! My beloved Yankees won 9-3. He looked pretty good, especially for his game.

yea he did good old but still got it

hah, damn Yankees, only they would pay a 44 year old a million dollars plus a start

Hes still a servicable #3 guy in most rotations, got to be careful about his durability, but he is the single greatest pitcher of all time. If hes wants to pitch, he will.

I agree, in his day he was one of the best pitchers of all time, but hes a bit beyond his day.

yeah, but honestly, 30 million dollars for an middle of the rotation pitcher?

He’s pitching a bit rocky right now but he’s 44 and he still isn’t doing that bad. I don’t know about greatest of all time but he’s definitly up there.

Try not to think of it as $30 million but rather $102.54 a minute per start (I think 54 cents I could be wrong).

Don’t say the word (by that I mean type) rocky, I went to that 3 game series and was disappointed in the Yanks. I did get Ron Villone’s autograph though if that means anything.

Oh, I am by no way saying hes worth 30 mil, nobody is worth 20 mil in my mind let alone 30. But thats just what the Yankees offered, I don’t blaim him for accepting.

Yeah, he wasn’t worth it, I didn’t want him that bad in the first place, I wanted them trading for the AAA Knuckleballer Charlie Haeger.

I was happy when the Rocket made his return but I was more happy when Tampa Bay pitcher Scott Kazmir out dueled him on 6/13/07 TB-6 NYY-4
W-Kazmir 6-6
L-Clemens 2-3
S-Glover 2 SV

i’m so excited!!! wednesday i’m going to the game and the rocket is scheduled to pitch!! can’t wait look for me :smiley: :wink: