The Road to Success - Aris Z


Hi, my name is Aris I am 14 years old, 5 foot 3 and 112 pounds. I have posted on this site before but never as a pitching log. I am using my log for advice and to better myself as a pitcher.

A little info on me. I live in Canada and I am trying out for the Bantam AA Tigers this year. They are a travel ball organisation. Most high schools in my province don’t have baseball teams including mine. My travel ball team plays from around April to September and I also play for a fall ball team that plays from late September to early November. I have an extreme passion for the game of baseball and hope to be able to play ball while getting and education at a division 1 school and then hope to get drafted in the MLB. These are my long term goals. I have a goal daily. To get one step closer to living my dream by giving it all ive got. I forgot to mention early that I am lefthanded.

As a pitcher I have two pitches:
A two seam fastball with good movement
A circle change that is good but still needs work

I throw from a 3 quarter arm slot. I don’t throw very hard. I am usually in the low to mid 60’s. Even though I don’t throw hard I get batters out with movement… when I throw strikes. I am soon going to find a pitching coach.

I don’t have a specific workout yet and that is why I am getting Tuff Cuff for Christmas. Until I get Tuff Cuff I am doing these exercises daily:
90 pullups (I do three different kinds)
50 push ups
An assortement of ab exercises
Band Work

Goals until tryouts (which are in March)
Gain 8 pounds to put me at 120
Get to the high 60’s with my fastball

Regarding school: I go to the number one rated public school in the province and grades should not be a problem.

I will try to get a mechanics video of myself up as soon as possible and I am excited to get your guys’ feedback. I am excited to start this journey!


Good luck on your journey.

I too am from Canada, it is doable, you just have to work hard at it and not give up.

What province are you in? I might be able to recommend a solid PC.


I live in Quebec, specifically Montreal.


Let me ask some of my colleagues and I’ll get back to you shortly


I did my usual workout tonight but I think that in gonna do 60 pullups a day instead if 90 considering the max amounts I can do. Also I forgot to mention that I am not throwing at this time I’m focusing more on putting on muscle and getting stronger.


Haven’t heard back from anyone yet as soon as I do I’ll PM you


And there’s another point to consider: you’ve hit puberty already, and you’re definitely going to hit a growth spurt—maybe more than one—so if I were you I wouldn’t worry about it. By the time you’re 16, 17, you will most likely have shot up several inches and put on considerable pounds. Besides your workouts, you need to put on weight and then some—I’d say 5’8" or 5’9"amd 165 or 170 pounds should be quite attainable. And one more thing—do a lot of throwing, as in playing catch, to build up your arm strength and flexibility. That’s a must. Throw with intent—as in throw the crap out of the ball! Then you can start thinking about pitching. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:


I haven’t posted in a while mainly because I have been sick for the past 4 days but I have kept up my workouts when I have not been sick. On your point Zita I actually haven’t hit puberty yet. I guess you could call me a late bloomer. My family is all pretty tall so height isn’t much of a concern for me in the future. I plan on putting on a lot of muscle so that when I do have my growth spurts I wont be too lanky.

On throwing: I throw a ton in the summer whether it be team practicing and games, playing pitch and catch with my dad or just playing ball with my friends which I do daily in the summer. The problem is throwing from November to Februrary. There is a lot of snow where I live in during that time period so I am limited in my throwing. Any ideas???


I know just what you mean. I’m originally from New York City, and the winters there are absolute murder—not too much snow, with the exception of an occasional blizzard, but it gets very cold (except for the “January thaw”)—but I used to find places such as the high school gym, an armory in Manhattan or the Bronx, or some other enclosed area where I would not freeze, so I could throw or work out with a catcher on something like a new pitch. I’m sure you can find something like that where you are.
And don’t worry about being a late bloomer; there are loads of them around the premises. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, and hang in there! 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:


cmfields21 recommended this to me, it works pretty well.


Thanks newyorkmets5 ill be sure to try it.


I have been keeping up my workouts.

I will test the following on the 15th (This is a checkpoint test).

On November 24 (maxed out)
Chinups: 10
Out-ups(the bar is facing out): 9
Pull ups: 6
Weight: 112
Push ups: 40

Goal for January 1
Chinups: 15
Out ups: 13
Pull ups: 10
Weight: 116
Push ups: 50


Updated my abs exercises:
25 jacknifes
25 crunches
25 v ups
2 min plank to finish it off

It only takes 5 minutes which is good because it is time efficient and my abs burn like crazy at the end.

On a side note I ordered tuff cuff for Christmas


Any luck funding a PC or academy?


I have not yet found a pitching coach.

I tested today:
Pull ups: 8
Out ups: 10
Chin ups: 11
Weight 116


Aris, I know you’re up in Canada someplace and so are having a hard time finding a pitching coach. Just where are you in Canada?—because there are a number of coaches in the northern part of the U.S. that may be within your reach. :?: