The Road to Redemption

Hey everyone at LTP. I’ve been a member since 2007, and read the forums daily but I finally decided to get serious about keeping a log on my further progress. Here’s a little about my self.

I’m a 19 year old second semester freshman at DII Flagler College, but didn’t make the squad this year (I’ll explain a little later about that). I’ve always had a passion for pitching and its what I love to do. In the fall of 2009, I was a freshman at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida and I hoped to walk on to play. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances, I had to leave the school and I was forced to take the rest of the semester off. I enrolled at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida and the first thing I did once I got on campus was talk to the head coach of the team about possibly trying out. I wasn’t able to since the tryouts were in the fall, which was a huge bummer. But I started hitting the weights and tried to get myself in top physical shape so I could try out this fall. I also started taking lessons with former Chicago Cubs catcher Rick Wilkins, who helped changed my mechanics.

Once the fall semester came around, I felt as confident as I have ever been. Once I stepped on the mound to pitch during the Intrasquad game, I zoned in and did awesome. During the game, each of the pitchers threw to five batters, no matter if they all got hits or all struck out, or anything in between. To my five batters, I only allowed one baserunner and had two K’s (which was the best out of all 14 pitchers who threw, including returners) and thought I had a great chance of making the team. Once coach put the cut list on the dugout wall and my name wasn’t on there, I was absolutely crushed. For days I didn’t say or do much at all… All I could think about was that I had done something wrong, didn’t work hard enough… Once I had a few days to think to myself, I made a promise to myself that I didn’t play my last game, and I vowed I wouldn’t give up on playing collegiate baseball. I’ve worked way too hard, put in so much effort for it to not pay off in the end. So the next week, I went to the gym and started my started my quest.

I’ve been using Tuff Cuff for a long time now, but a few weeks ago, I started using Eric Cressey’s Maximum Stength and I am now a believer of the program… I’ve only been through the first phase, but I have seen gains I never though imaginable… 75lbs more on a 4 rep box squat and I’m deadlifting 315 x3, which is up from my 1 rep max of only 215…

Anyways, I just recently joined a Wood Bat League in my hometown of Jacksonville and I’m getting some good work in. I know I’m going to see the gains in the weightroom translate over to the diamond.

Now… on to my first post :smiley:

Had a double header today and started the first game. I pitched possibly my greatest game of my life today.

7 innings (CG), 9K, 4BB, 3H, 2 ER.

I felt absolutely on fire. I had total command of all of my pitches and could, and did, threw every one in any count. The walks were were because of not getting a couple of blatantly obvous calls, and trying to over throw. Not sure on the top Velo, but I would have to guess in the 81-85 range. Second game, played center and didn’t get a single ball hit to me (Don’t you just hate standing out there and not getting an action?). Lost 8-6, but we all hit the ball extremely well today.

Anyways, I’ll be sure to post my numbers and progress I up in the gym tomorrow, as well as my meals, protien, ect… I also hope to get some recent video at our next game and post a couple of previous videos to get some eyes and check out the things that are going right for me mechanically wise.

Time to catch some z’s… :forwardroll:

Good luck next season!
hope you’re having a great off-season!

Confidence about your skills can definately get you on the team, but that confidence only comes from putting everything into making the team. Don’t leave yourself short. We would like to see some video you never know what another set of eyes can see in you!!!

Like Yogi Berra said, “Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.”

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving break. I took a couple days off the weights… The past few days have been really hectic… Finals week is next week and this week alone I have two papers and two presentations for my sports management classes…But it’s still not going to stop me from hitting it hard this week.

I’m starting Phase two of Eric Cressey’s Maximum Strength, and the gains keep on increasing with each passing day.

Morning: woke up, had a 20g protien shake of Metabolic Drive (HIGHLY RECOMEND), and had an egg white omlette with bacon and ham.

Class from 9-12.

Lunch: salad, rice, and chicken.


leg press (5x10) It may seem like overloading, but for some reason leg press doesn’t really do much for me.

(410, 500, 590, 680, 750)

Front Squat (4x2)x5. Basically it consists of five clusters of four minisets, with each set having two reps. In between the reps, I rest 10 seconds, and between the clusters, I rest 2 min.

(75, 85, 105, 125, 135)

Dumbell Step-Up 3x8 per side with 30lb dumbells.

Kettlebell swings 3x10 with 20lb.

Bar Rollout 3x10

Single Leg Squat to box 2x10 per side.

Finished off with a 40g shake.

Dinner: Salad, steak, and whole grain pasta.

I’ll have a 20g shake right before bed.

I can’t wait to get back out on the mound Sunday… We took this weekend off since everyone went out of town. I was glad to burn off all that food I had during the break :D.

I’m going to try and get an inning or two shot this weekend so I can finally have some recent footage.


keep up the good work
and have a good holiday season!

Thanks a lot man, you too!

What level of baseball are you pitching at currently?
(or this past summer)

[quote]What level of baseball are you pitching at currently?
(or this past summer)[/quote]

Right now, I’m playing in an adult league in Jacksonville, FL. Its pretty decent competition and its fun too since many of the guys there have played with me since t-ball. There’s a lot of older players, as well as current players at a few local community colleges, University of North Florida, as well as Jacksonville University as well.

Yesterday was an upperbody day and I wasn’t able to post due to my Marketing Project… It’ll be the death of me lol.

Incline DB Bench (4x2)x5: (25, 30, 35, 40, 45)

DB Shrugs 3x8 (65, 75, 80)

Seated Cable Row, Medium Pronated Grip 3x10: (75, 80, 85)

Cable Ab Crunches 3x10

Side Crunches 2x30s

Prone Bridge 2x30s

Diagonal Crunches 2x15

In addition to the normal excersises, I do tubing/light dumbbell work.

I can’t wait for the semester to end next week so I can get some real food lol Not many choices here at Flagler…

Today was my rest day.

I haven’t posted anything since last Wednesday so bare with me… this is gonna be a long one lol


Box Squat 5x5 (135, 185, 225, 275, 300) [I use the smith machine because I don’t have the confidence to squat without a partner]

Speed Deadlift 8x2 (135, 185, 185, 225, 225, 275, 275, 285)

Dumbbell Lunge 3x6/side

Pallof Press 3x10 (40lbs)


Speed Incline DB Press 10x3 (25, 25, 30, 30, 35, 35, 40, 40 45, 45)

DB Bench 3x8 (45, 50, 55)

Medium Pronated Grip Cable Row 3x8 (80, 85, 90)

Inverted Row 3x10

Scapular Push Up 3x15


Front Squat (4x2)x5 (85, 95, 105, 115, 125) Then one set of two reps: 135

Bar Rollout 3x10

Dumbbell Step up 3x8 per side

Diagonal Crunches 30xside

Cable Ab Crunches 3x10

Now onto the weekend.

I finally got some recent video for review, in case anyone is reading my logs.

This video was taken December 2008. I noticed many things wrong back then. Early separation of my hands, hip opening up way too soon, no leg drive, and I have horrible glove side action.

Now in this one, which was taken November of '09, I still don’t have the greatest glove side.

Now for the recent videos. This weekend, we played a team from Tampa Bay, the Tampa Bay Bombers, which are another team in the Florida ABL. At the beginning of the game, which the videos were taken from, my hamstrings were still a little tight and took me a while to get them loose. It threw my mechanics out of whack (noticed from the 4 wild pitches in the first inning lol), and I couldn’t get much of a leg drive. I also noticed that my glove side still isn’t where I normally have it. Normally, I bring in my glove to my chest when I finish. Once I ran a few poles and stretched out between innings, everything began to click and my velo went up as well.

Unfortunately, we lost due to my wild pitches. I gave up three runs in the first two innings, all of which were unearned… But once I was able to repeat my mechanics the way I normally do, I didn’t let another baserunner aboard, besides a bloop single into right field. The team we played was absolutely huge. I mean at least 6’1’’ 200 each… all athletic and looked like they played some sort of college ball. I heard from the coach that they are supposed to go down to Puerto Rico for a tourney in a few weeks. But they didn’t have a single solid hit the whole day.

My line was:

5inn 3 unearned runs 8k’s 3BB (1st inning) 2 pickoffs 3H.

Feel free to comment if you see anything you see in my mechanics that needs to be looked at.

Oh and I noticed while looking at it, I start to lean forward like I used to, but I corrected it once my legs were nice and warm.

Haven’t done much today since I don’t have classes or any exams today… Pretty much slept in for once, played MLB 09 The Show, and went to the gym for an upper body day.

Incline db press (4x2)x5 (25, 30, 35, 40, 40)

DB Bench 3x8 (35, 40, 45)

Medium Grip Pullup 10x1 BW

Head Supported DB Row 3x8 (25, 30, 35)

Zottman Curl 3x8 (20)

Ab Routine

I need to start studying soon… Gotta get my final averages up to, or maintaining an A :smiley:

I feel pumped about the progress I’ve made so far.

So your in Fleming Island and working with Rick?
Who did you play for in the league? My son was on the Dolphins :smiley:
He worked with Rick from about the time he was 8… :lol: Though we haven’t seen him since last November (He works for Ricks old partner Jared Payne).
Small world…we’re in Green Cove…is Johnny Sgromlo still at Flagler? I coached him as a t-baller, he graduated Clay the same year as my son :lol:

haha yeah I worked with Rick for a couple of weeks over the summer! I’ve seen video of your son working with him a while back… As a matter of fact, you were the one who suggested that I should pay him a visit earlier in the year :smiley: You probably don’t remember but I don’t blame you lol But yeah, John is still here, and he’s a beast. He put up some rediculous numbers last season and spent the summer playing ball in Arizona.

I used to call him “Babe Ruth”…mostly cuz he looks like him but secondly the way he hits 8)
My very favorite John story was back 5 years ago, we were playing a District Championship game (15U) against a team from Mandarin (Which was actually mostly made up of Bolles’ JV squad) and John was catching my son Andy, well they were mostly through warming up for the inning and the ump said something to John, right as Andy threw about 86 mph worth of heat…the ball?..She flew true…right between Johns legs…literally blew his cup up…he’s layin there…everyone thought he was dead…then you hear…cluck
…cluck, cluck…Johns layin there cluckin like a chicken :lol:…well when they finally help him over to the bench…he’s sitting there sweating profusely (It was real late at night due to rain out rescheduling…and it wasn’t hot) and I look over at him and ask what all that clucking was about and started clucking like him…pretty soon we’re all just sitting in there cracking up.
John met the coach there at Flagler when they were sophmores, they always put on a month long clinic in November where they break down into 4 teams and work out and play each other for the month…he went back every year…I never met a kid who loved the sport more…he loved it so much…when I had him in T-ball, he wrote me a baseball song for our team (I don’t know if you remember the old Jacksonville Suns theme song but it was just like it) and then went on to be a batboy for the Suns also…one of the favorite kids I’ve ever coached…just for how much he loves the game.

So what was your experience with Rick? To us he’s just like family…but I’m interested, you are the first kid from here thats actually gone to him. We had a guy who used to post here who’s kid went to UNF camps and played at Eagles View, but not specifically getting training from Rick. So what kind of things did you learn from him?

Yeah I have yet to find anyone personally as dedicated to playing the game than John… It’s incredible…

I’ve learned so much from Rick in the short few weeks I worked with him… Before coming to him, I didn’t think my mechanics were that bad. But he pointed out so much to me that I wouldn’t have ever noticed.

First off, I realized my plant foot would actually be at an angle with the rubber instead of being parallel and pushing off the rubber. He showed me how to use my legs more, fixed my glove side issues, and suggested I try the over the head movement you can see in my videos from last weekend. At first, it was a little difficult to adapt all of that toward my mechanics, but as I practiced, they just seemed natural to me. Every time I throw each pitch, it just feels effortless and my stamina has gone up dramatically. I’ve had tendinitis twice in my elbow due to poor mechanics (haven’t had any pain since early 2009), but the recent changes I’ve made have taken every bit of pressure off.

It was awesome to hear some of the stories he had from his days with Maddux and the Cubs too! During the summer, I am definately going to work with him again… In the short 4 weeks I had with him, I learned more about my mechanical faults than I ever had prior… and I hope these changes can help me in making the squad next year.

On a side note, I was hoping to be a manager for the team this season, but I don’t think I’ll be able to since I also work and play ball, in addition to being a full time student. I come home from St. Augustine every weekend where I work at Chick Fil a on Friday and Saturdays, and my games are on Sunday morning/afternoons

The Chick-a-Fil in Fleming Island? Maybe we’ll sdrop on in and say howdy.
Maybe you can throw a bit with my son…

Yeah. Sounds good!


How about an update on your son? Are things going well?

Finals week is finally over! I survived!


Box Squat 5x5 (135, 185, 225, 295, 315)

DL 8x2 (135, 185, 185, 225, 225, 275, 275, 285)

DB Reverse Lunge 3x6

Ab Routine

Rotator Cuff Stuff

Pallof Press (40, 50, 60)


Incline DB Bench (4x2)x5 (25, 30, 35, 40, 45)

DB Bench (3x8) (40, 45, 50)

Row-Medium Pronated Grip 3x10 (90, 95, 100)

Inverted Row 3x10


Scapular Pushups

Games were cancelled this weekend… Bummer… :frowning:

TODAY December 13, 2010

Front Squat (4x2)x5 (20, 25, 35, 45, 55) (This is the weight on each side of the bar, so 20x2+45, Ect…

Dumbbell Step Up (3x8)

Bar Rollout (3x10)


Rotator Cuff

I’m hoping to get some video tomorrow of a bullpen, but it just depends on how the weather is tomorrow… Supposed to be below 20 here in the Sunshine State!

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, and I haven’t been able to get on to post anything, but I have been lifting and throwing every day… It sucks, I haven’t played since December 5th, since my games keep getting cancelled because of the weather…

In other news… It’s snowing in Florida!!! It’s crazy!

I’m going to lift later today to make up for missing Friday, so I’ll post my numbers and I have a couple videos I took a week ago.

Hope everyone’s had a great Christmas.