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Hi, my name is Jack Keegan. I am a 9th grader and I just turned 15 on October 23rd.

In recent years my fastball has been able to carry me to being a dominant pitcher but people have started catching up to it in the mid to high 70’s.

I am looking to make Varsity this year and learn new pitches. Most importantly and changeup and a curveball. If anyone has sugguestions on how to learn them they would be appreciated.

I am 6’1 and 204 pounds. I am on the heavier side so I will be looking to shed some pounds. if anyone has a good workout routine for me it would also be appreciated.

Other info: JV QB and next year starting varsity QB
Taking the year off of basketball

Hi Jack, I would recommend eating normally, no fad diets, but completely cutting out sweets if you want to shed pounds, don’t do anything drastic. No candies, cakes, it’ll be tough with thanksgiving coming up :slight_smile: There is lots of information on the internet on throwing a curveball and changeups, find a mound, get some warm clothes on, and practice those pitches. Find what works best for you. Just remember that the changeup is harder to throw, but is more effective. Remember not to change your arm action at all, (not any slower) or else the changeup will lose its effectiveness. It’s all in the grip. As for fitness, find a route near your house that is about a mile, use to find that route and run it at least twice a week. Do that until it’s too cold, then get inside and do core exercises, situps, planks, etc. don’t cheat yourself. Hope that helps, if you have anymore questions just pm me, or go to my website to contact me, it’s in my signature. There’s a lot of good information on there too. Good luck!

Had a pitching lesson the other day.
First time throwing in a while, didn’t throw 100%.
Threw about 35 pitches and started learning a breaking ball.
I am now 6’2 which will clearly be helpful.
Going back for more pitching today at 1 PM.

Had a few more lessons.
One yesterday.

Worked on a breaking ball, changeup, four seam and two seam.

Threw about 50 pitches…
My change is not looking very good. My breaking ball is just getting started as well as my two seam and as always my four seam is looking great.