The rising fastball

got a couple of rising fastball call today seems like my fastball was starting from too low to right at the knees for some of these guys. sure it was just a friendly match up against guys from a town nearby without any coaches or anything just players from different levels and i pitched 3 innings of 7. i seriously just went out there and threw hard but kind of got a lot of movement on my fastball i kind of felt like the ball was floating like really staying up because of the backward rotation like what people call rising fastballs plus i threw pretty much everything right at the knees so i guess that’s what made up for those rising fastball sightings.

Sorry, but the rising fastball is just an optical illusion. It is physically impossible to throw. Well, unless you throw submarine :wink:

The illusion is that the pitch is a faster one than the batter has already seen. He (the batter) makes a mental model using the slower pitch that he had already seen so when the faster pitch’s trajectory is different (slightly flatter) then he assumes that it actually had upward movement.

Good luck pitching. Sounds like you had a good day.

i know this is an optical illusion but i just tought it was funny to hear about that from people who probably dont know what a rising fastball is they just said hey his fastball is rising into the strike zone instead of dropping. so this is something that happens for real, someone feeling like the pitch rises

uh, i’ve never seen a pitchers fastball drop unless it was a sinker. I’m pretty sure the guys you’re playing with are amazed that your fastball was hard enough it didn’t drop due to gravity.

by the way, use punctuation, and more grammar. Reading your comments are like wandering through a forest without a path.

its like listening to a french person, one sentence has like 107 words…

According to the laws of physics, everyone’s fastball drops. No one’s fastball has a perfectly straight trajectory.

The reason you have never seen a pitchers fastball drop is because it’s already programed into your mind that when a ball is thrown it drops. You don’t think about it. No you won’t notice it but if you had a video that showed the trajectory of the ball it would drop. So that’s why sometimes when someone throws hard enough and there less drop it seems like it’s rising because you already have programed into your mind the way a fastball naturally drops. So what you think a flat fastball is, really isn’t so when someone throws harder it appears to rise.

sorry the rising fastball is a MYTH on MYTHBUSTERS They said to throw a rising fastball your spin on the ball would have to be over 5oz of pressure. Then they said Roger Clemens only throws his with 2.5 oz

This has really gone overboard… all he said originally was that people he faced were seeing his fastball rise. why is it a debate about the rising fastball, even though everyone knows it is a myth?