The right time to start think about college baseball

im currently a sophomore at castlemont highschool in oakland. (15yrs old)
im wondering when is the right time for me to start thinking about college, going to college camps, sending videos/letters to coaches, visiting colleges,etc.?
im starting to brainstorm what colleges id like to go to.
the 1st college on top of the list is MIAMI (FL)

the summer after your soph year is the time to get serious. if you want to go to a place like miami you need to get accepted to the area code games. that is where they find a ton of their players. check with the professional scouts in your area to find out when and where the area code tryouts are. then work and work and hope for a break. if that doesn’t work there are great ju-cos in florida to get ready for the d-1 show.

How much does the area code thing cost?
I know some people who went there, my brother went there and his close friend played there. And actually got drafted. Does that help in anyway?