The "Real" Shoulder Stretch Test?

If you goggle “shoulder stretch” and look at the videos that come up you will see a stretch that is “pitched” as “THE” stretch for the shoulders and determining shoulder flexibility.

It is the stretch where you put one hand/arm over the shoulder and behind your back/neck and then you put the other hand/arm under the shoulder and behind the back - you then touch the fingers or even hook the fingers / hands together.

Well I can’t do it - not even close! But I consider my shoulders very, very flexible. I filmed the stretch I do for my shoulders:

My Shoulder Stretch:

I think I am very flexible and I think the stretch that I do is / should be the real exercise / test that all baseball pitchers and javelin throwers do to preform better and prevent injuries in the shoulder and elbow. My stretch works on the pecs, lats, long head of the tricep. The other shoulder stretch, as far as I can make out, is targeting mainly the 4 SITS muscles of the rotator cuff.

I also filmed and just posted the 3 main weight exercises I do for my upper body:

Lat Pull-downs ( 420lbsx8 ):

Pullovers (140lbs x10 ):

Inclines: (190lbs x10 )

FYI: I never ever do any rotator cuff exercises and I have never had any shoulder or elbow problems in my life and I am almost 50 and still at World Class level!

So anyone agree with me?