The Pursuit of 1,000,000 total posts


Yes sir. Still in Michigan. What’s new w you Wales?


Not too much, just gearing up for the holiday season with the wifey.


It’s Hammer time baby!!!


today i cleaned up my room


Haha, omg I totally forgot about this thread. It’s back, baby!


Yes sir! Sure is back!!! Now let’s bring back all the old time greats from this place!!! I’m calling out Wales roger and Dino for starters!!


Hammer!!! What up big guy?


I think some threads and blogs from this forum is and is going to help many parents grasp pitching at the 8-9-10-11 age group. Judging by view numbers, searches are probably bringing many people here. Informing them what the realities are and how to keep the kids healthy and having fun. Thanks to many for all the great info insite, opinions and stories.


I organized my room



It’s Hammer time!!


Whoa! Wussup Hammer!


Today I practiced my three main pitches - Fastball, Changeup, and 12-6 Curveball. Got a lot of movement and 75 mph velocity, but my control was bad. I’m 13 :slight_smile:


Started to help my friend lose weight by taking him to the gym.


It’s almost Suberb Owl time. Who ya got?