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What was it like meeting the Babes grand daughter…and what does she know about baseball?


It was indelible she mostly told stories about The Babe and talked about what he did away from the diamond. Her mother was his only blood related child.

She offered her opinion about a few current player’s and gave a sort of state of the game from her perspective.

I’ll post her website so everyone can check it out.


In the game of baseball as with life sometimes you feel as though you are chasing a fantasy and other times you are living the dream. It usually depends upon your latest performance on the mound.

If you want to live the dream more often … take the advice of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

H.D. Thoreau -


Little late but here’s the link to
Linda Ruth Tosetti’s site


I was lending my oldest son a hand installing vinyl siding on his house. The guy that was hired to do the job was late getting there.

(It is turkey season and he tends to stay a little too long in the woods. If you ask him he’ll tell you he got tied up at the bank or some other job, but I know better. All his turkey gear is stowed in the backseat of the truck. And then while talking about turkey hunting, he made the mistake of bragging about the two gobblers he bagged. I don’t hold it against him…It is a sickness you know. Why else would an otherwise rational man climb out of bed at 4:30 AM in order to get into the woods before 5:30 AM, sit on the ground in camouflage leaned up against a tree, just to talk to a turkey? Well, and then shoot them of course.)

Anyway, I decided that rather than stop to get gas on my way home, I’d run to the closest gas station and fill up and hopefully the other guy would have arrived and gotten started before I returned. Well, my plan was working out perfectly. I was parked at the pumps getting ready to fill my tank. I had my black Ford Fusion just washed and waxed and it was gleaming in the morning sun.

Suddenly I realized that a large Ford Taurus X was backing out of a parking space right in front of me. I stood there in utter shock as it backed right into my Fusion and trashed the front grill and bumper.

Another example confirming my cynical belief that…“no good deed goes unpunished.”


Also, in watching Trevor Bauer pitch for the Cleveland Indians against the Phillies; I am convinced that you can know precisely a man’s personal traits by the way he pitches. Bauer obviously has dissociative identity disorder . He throws fastballs high in the strike zone and curveballs low… and walks as many as he strikes out. One inning he is unhittable…the next he has Francona chewing five pieces of double bubble. Just an observation. :twisted:



That’s unfortunate about your car.

I still haven’t seen Bauer pitch yet this year, but I haven’t heard too many good things about his performances so far.


He pitches exactly like what he is, which is a major MLB prospect. He doesn’t have the FB command to be a MLB starter yet.

All of the Mariners big name guys looked like that (I watched them), Hernandez, Pineda, Noesi, now Walker -


I am always looking for people who make a difference and likewise incidents that illustrate a great truth in life.

I think if you check out the first post in this thread by Hammer you will see a similar theme.

I also think it is very important to get out of your comfort zone and do something to benefit somebody else without first checking to see if they fit your notion of worthiness. It’s often better to do so anonymously.

I remember Zita Carno’s story of how Eddie Lopat took time out from his important work with the Yankees to give a youth pitcher some valuable lessons on the art of pitching. No doubt he not only made a difference to Zita but to everybody else she came in contact with and influenced throughout her life as a result of Eddie’s generosity and humility.

One of my first experiences with making a difference was how my parents would make our home available to missionaries on furlough. Most often we would host families from Africa for the summer. It was a lesson in sharing, caring and seeing what sacrifices others are making.

We don’t often see examples of this in our daily interaction with the media, both print and video. It takes a little bit of paying attention but there is still a core of caring people that demonstrate this every day in plain view for people to notice.

We often tend to focus on the negative because we have so much help identifying it. It can become a habit.

For whatever reason, Hammer, decided to start a thread about good things being done and so not willing to leave it fall away, I bump it up to the top for yet another time.




I pitched and hit outside for a whole 1 hour in the freezing cold


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